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Vacation From Poker

I'm back from vacation and I feel as dialed in as ever. That's strange since I haven't played poker at all in over a week. Not since this nice second place finish for $558 bones. Still, there's something about being away from poker that clears the mind and really puts a fresh perspective on the game. I want to play well and win more than ever now. Now actually doing it will be the next step.

I took the computer with me on vacation, but the condo we stayed in ended up not having any wifi access. I'm actually relieved as I was able to enjoy an entire week without the computer as a crutch. We had a great time, took a ton of pictures, and now I'm back and ready to play some poker. I didn't realize it at the time, but this wasn't just a vacation, but a vacation from poker. That's a good thing.

Unfortunately I won't have much time for online poker over the next few days as I'll be travelling. I'm headed to New York Monday night for a business meeting on Tuesday so if any of you NY bloggers want to hang out for a little while Monday night let me know.


Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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