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K.O.D. Kontender K'OD

In a previous post I mentioned the Sunday 100k guarantee, $10 buy-in over at PokerStars that has been attracting nearly 20,000 entrants lately. Sunday was no different as 18,524 players signed up. Since I didn't have any cash on PokerStars, I decided on Saturday I would try and find someone to trade some money with. I logged into Stars and was surprised to find approximately $35 there. I love it when I forget about money at a site. It's like finding a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans.

After hanging with the family in our pimp ass pool in the backyard, I readied myself for the tourney. Things started out rather slowly and I found myself down to about 1500 chips from our original 3000 starting stack. I managed to chip up ever so slowly when I got it all-in two hands in a row, both times holding AA. I somehow won both of those hands and was suddenly 3rd out of the remaining 10,588 players...

You'll notice I was also playing a 90 player SNG as well as keeping up with BG who was live blogging his dinner. Quite entertaining I must say. His site is blocked at my work so I had to take advantage of my rare blog reading at home and comment on his post as often as possible. I turned it into my own little forum for the day.

So back to the tournament. I hovered around 35,000 in chips for quite a while, but never could seem to break the 40,000 chip mark. All the while people kept dying off from the tourney and the top 30 chipleaders kept getting stronger. Only two hours into the tournament, nearly 16,000 players had been eliminated. This put us into the money...

At this point I was still hovering around the 35,000 chip mark and still well above average, but the average was moving quickly as players were dropping like flies. I refused to let myself donk off chips just trying to stay even, but I also didn't allow myself to be a wimp. I played some strong pots and managed to stay afloat for quite a while.

As we neared the next payout level I found myself below the chip average and needing a good hand to vault me back into the top 100 in chips with about 1370 remaining. Then this happened...

In case you are unable to click through the picture to view the hand threw the PokerXFactor hand playback, holmes nailed a Ten on the river to crack my AA after I got him all-in with his 5% chance to win the pot. I knew I was going to have to avoid many a suck out in order to be the K.O.D. and run deep in this thing, but it just wasn't my night (that's King Of the Donks for anyone wondering). In the end I was K'OD on a tough hand and won a tiny payout compared to the 1st place prize of $19k.

I did enjoy the hell out of this tourney though and I definitely plan to play it again. As I write this post the tournament is still going and only 3 hours in they are down to 500 from the original 18,500 (3000 places paid). That tells me there is money to be made in this thing. You just have to play well AND run goot.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:01 PM, Blogger Pseudo_Doctor said...

anytime you beat like 13k+ people you can't be too mad....better luck next time

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

There can only be one KOD!

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Dillo said...

Play well AND run goot? You're asking a bit much aren't ya?!

See bullets getting cracked on the river. Makes me want to puke.

Great blog buddy.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Wow - great run. Tough way to lose.

btw - my last hand posted in my blog was a full house made on the turn. As you mentioned, I was behind all the way, but how would I ever have guessed? Is this a crazy game we play, or what?

I usually avoid mega-field events, but maybe I'll give this Poker Stars donkfest a try.


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