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BBThird At The Hoy

After missing a number of the BBThree tourneys last week due to work obligations, I decided to jump into The Hoy last night. I've run (or possibly played) real bad so far in the BBThree, so I just wanted to test the waters. I managed to fonk my way into chips at least twice, but used those chips to my advantage for the most part. I took some chances in spots where I thought I was ahead or felt like I could put myself in a position to dominate. I lead the tournament - at times by double the chips - for probably 70% of the tourney. Unfortunately when it mattered in the end, I did not lead the tournament, which matters most in these BBThree event.

In the end I managed a 3rd place finish. They - whoever they is - say the real money is in the top 3, so I'm happy, but I loathe getting so close to a BBThree TOC and falling short. In BBTwo I finished in 2nd place in the very first tournament and only made it as close as 4th place in another tourney after that. Whether you fonked your way or played pristine poker from hand one to the next to last hand, all that matters is on that last hand that you are the one with all the chips. Otherwise it's no TOC for you.

Regardless, it feels good to get on the board in the BBThree. And though it doesn't really count for anything, for whatever reason I like seeing my name in the top 10 on Hoy's personal stats, so I'm sure this finish will get me close to 5th or 6th. Woot!

I put a tough beat on Jamyhawk at some point, which was truly my fonk moment. He had just chipped up on recent hands and I had been very active, so when he applied pressure to me, I thought he was just trying to bully a bully. In actuality, his KK was goot against my A8 until the board landed me a full house. If he wins that hand, he has we both have entirely different tourneys, but that's how poker goes. I also fonked Mookie out AA vs my AK sooooted. So I definitely had my moments. I also felt like I put a whoop ass on at times, just couldn't seal the deal. Congrat to DWAL for taking it down.

Until next time, may the felt be with you .

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At 12:25 PM, Blogger jamyhawk said...

That's poker. I feel you have to suckout at least a couple of times to win a MTT. You played well last night. Congrats on getting to third place.


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