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Word To Your Mothra

During my time away from poker, I've watched my rankings take a dive in the various poker leagues. I can't view it from work, but I know my numbers in the BBThree are pretty bad, although I think I have still made somewhere in the range of $400 - $500 (not factoring in buy-ins though). I suspect I'll be making a portion of the last 5 BBThree events, though I doubt the Skills series tonight will be one of them. I cashed out a decent amount from my FT account recently so I'm not sure if I even have enough to play all the remaining events unless I cash in some. Guess I'll be taking the token path instead of a straight buy-in for the final Big Game. I don't mind though as it always feels good to withdraw money from a poker site instead of watching your balance go to zero on the felt.

As for the Bodonkey online poker blogger tournament series, I was in the top 10 for a while, but I haven't played much lately and I've dropped down to 26th. Only the top 18 make it in the final tourney for a chance at a WSoP seat, so I definitely need to get back on that horse since I'm still within striking distance. I plan to play tonight and I hope to see you there. You can gain ground very quickly in this series of events so even if you haven't played much, it is still worth coming out and hitting the felt. Not to mention the free cash they give out every week.

Finally, though it is part of the BBThree, Hoy still keeps seperate rankings for his tourney so I'll mention it too. I was in the Top 10 of that one as well, but having not played it much lately, I've dropped to 20th. The Hoy is one of my favorite tournaments so I won't continue to miss that one much longer. I hope he keeps the 6-max theme even after the BBThree.

I guess that is enough writing about me not playing poker. I really just need to shut the fuck up and play, eh?

For those who have been reading me a while, you may recall I've made a shirt or two in the past. My favorite shirt of all time is my SHIRT shirt. Hands down that one gets more comments and curious looks than any shirt I've ever made. Well that shirt has finally seen its last day as all the letters are falling off. Thus I decided to just make a new one. That got me motivated to start thinking up new shirt ideas. I went back into my old Zazzle account and deleted all the ones I had made before and updated my two favorites. In addition I added my newest one, Word To Your Mothra. If you see anything you like, well dig in. I'll be working on some other ones over the next couple of weeks so I'll post them when I add them to the collection.

Word to your mothra.

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