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Java The Pet

A few days ago a truck was driving by ChickJax's mothra's house when it came to a stop, opened the door, pushed out a puppy and kept on truckin'.  That's the story as we've heard it from the grand rents at least.  Since then, somehow it's been decided that puppy is going to be our new pet.  I'm not an animal lover - though I'm not an animal hater either, so go easy folks - I'm just meh when comes to pets; however, ever since our last dog, Kaiser Soze, died my family has been wanting another dog.  I guess you could call this fate.

After a couple of days of saying no, I finally broke down and gave the okay to bring the dog home today, though I noted a couple of stipulations.  First, the dog is not my responsibility.  Sure I'll have the monetary requirements that come with owning a pet, but walking and cleaning up shizzle and all that other stuff falls on those that truly want the dog.  I'll be there to help, but I'm not numero uno.  Second, I get to name the dog.  Now that might not seem fair given the first stipulation, but that's how I roll.  I refuse to have to call a dog Fru-Fru or Buttons or Pickles...stupid shit like that.

With all of the above duly noted, I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the Tripjax family.  Say hello to Java.  That's her shortname.  Her full name is Java The Pet.


Actually, that name is still pending final approval of the family, but I'm pretty sure it will pass.  Yeah I know I said I get to name her, but I'm also not a total ass.

Oh, as for poker this week, it completely eluded me.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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