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These Bankruptcies Are Making Me Thirsty

I pretty much won the LivePokerRadio blogger tournament last night.  I was the last person remaining at the table and ended up banking $11.  Of course, the buy-in was $11, so there's a little more to the story.  I use the words pretty much won because I was the only person at the table when the tournament voided.

When I got to the tourney, InstantTorture was the only person seated.  I didn't have high hopes for a large field since there was only 10 minutes remaining, but even if it was just Torture, I figured we could chat it up and get caught up since I haven't spoken to him recently.  Unfortunately he bailed so we never made it to that point.  I hope he is doing okay with all the storm issues.

Times are pretty crazy these days where I work.  All you have to do is read Hoy's blog or any news web site to get an idea how things are going in the financial industry.  My employer is one of the 10 companies who ponied up 7 billion dollars into a consortium effort to help ensure stability in the financial system.  It's to be determined if that will ultimately help.  All I know is this is not a fun time to be in the financial services industry, but I'm thankful I still have a job and a paycheck.  Going forward I will be thankful for each day I make it home and still have a job.

I've been in the business long enough to have been through some really tough times, but I don't recall ever seeing things happen like this.  Having Lehman Brothers, a 150ish year old company, fail is mindblogging to me (yes I changed it from mindboggling...I'm tarded like that).  And having one of our biggest competitors, Merrill Lynch, also creeping towards 100 years of existence, announce they are being bought out on the same day.  That's just unbelievable to me.  I'm ready for these crazy times to end.  I don't like to talk about work here, so I'll leave it at that.

Before Hoy turned into the Financial Blog (which I didn't mind for a while by the way), he was talking about Chip Utility.  If you haven't read any of those posts, I would suggest you stop here for a moment and give them a gander (click the link and start at the bottom post and read up).  My ultimate goal is to go buy the book he is reading and give it a whirl on my own, rather than just rely on his notes.  He's given a good synopsis, but in most cases, there's no replacement for the real thing.

So far I really only have one comment/thought I'd like to throw out there for consideration - that is until I read the book and then probably have more to discuss.  As I'm to understand, skilled players can benefit from utilizing theories that are based on Chip Utility.  They use Chip Utility to put them in a better position - 100 big blinds or more - to build from there and pwn a tournament using their skill base.

I believe, based on the little bit I've read and know so far, that Chip Utility can and will be an excellent excuse for many poor players to play even worse after they have read the book.  This problem stems from so many players who THINK they are Blogs gift to the world when it comes to poker.  How often do you see a player online talking shit in a $10 tournament like he is the fucking bomb?

I envision terrible players making stinktastic moves early in tournaments and giving themselves an easy way out no matter what the result.  If they win a huge hand when way behind, "hey I made a move as a skilled player to utilize chip utility."  If they lose a huge hand when way behind, "oh man, I made the right move as a skilled player, but got hosed."

All I'm saying is, so many people will now have carte blanche to make asinine plays that are not in the spirit of skilled Chip Utility, but they will have an easy way out either way.  Of course they may go broke, like most bad players do, but they will have an excuse for their play in their minds.  Maybe I'm reading way to much into it.  Maybe I'm not considering the fact that most terrible players don't take the time to read a poker book.  Maybe I should just stop typing now.

All I know is this Chip Utility stuff is coming none too soon for me, 'cause I've been looking for a really good excuse for my poker play lately.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Am I a tard?  Am I slightly onto something?  Does it matter even the slightest?  I can probably answer that last one.


Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 1:44 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I agreed with Hoy's latest post about the HarringtonBots...I tend to play that way too much myself. But I also thought it was funny that he was basically throwing good, solid poker completely out the window. I've had a lot of success playing that way. I'll never be a great MTT player because of that, but I don't think it needs to be completely discounted either. And I am looking forward to all these donks playing even more so because all that does is give me chips.


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