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Let's Light This Candle...Again!

It's almost time for the WPBT WSoP Satellite Event at PokerStars...about 4 hours away. I did well in the last one - finishing 8th - but I have high hopes for this one. I want to win that seat. I think in the first event, in the back of my head, I was o.k. with finishing in 2nd and taking the money and running. Since that event, my mindset has changed and nothing but 1st will do. I realize now, not expecting to finish 1st in the last one means I got what I deserved...nothing. This time, I'm poised and ready to take it down.

As for my poker playing this weekend, it's been an up and down time for me...let's start with Friday...

I was playing a Mini Step over at PartyPoker when my problems began. I was at a Step 2 table and had a huge chip lead with 6 people remaining when my wireless connection died. I worked for the next 30 minutes trying to get it back up and running to no avail. I rebooted my computer, the wireless port, the cable modem, the fridge, the microwave and anything else I could think of (o.k. the last few I didn't reboot...).

Finally, I figured out what the problem was. Turns out that I am having problems with my wireless home phone interfering with my wireless internet connection. I can't figure out why, but if we answer the phone, or make an outgoing call, if someone is on the internet, about half the time it will kill the connection. In this particular instance, I didn't think that was the problem because no one had called us and no one had made an outgoing call. Turns out my son had been jumping on the couch and the phone was behind one of the cushions. His bouncing must have triggered the Talk button cause when my wife found the phone it had been running for over 30 minutes. Once she turned the phone off the internet connection came back. I tried to find the game, but it had already ended. I guess the one good thing about the situation is I received a freeroll back into a Step 1 since I finished in 6th. Still, I feel I was poised to finish in the top 2 which would have put me at a Step 3...oh well.

Dear readers, is there anyone that can help me understand what the hell is going on with my internet connection? One of the main points about having Road Runner cable internet is you can be online and still make phone calls. Yet, periodically the phone causes a "disturbance in the force." Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do? I contacted Road Runner, but they said based on the scenario I gave them, there was nothing they could do since it involved the wifi box and/or my wireless phone. Help!!!!!!!!

After getting back my connection, I probably should have called it a night, but I decided to try one more game. Having read numerous bloggers writing about the MTT SNG's, I decided to try one out. Normally I stick to the Single Table tourneys, but I was feeling a little frisky. I picked a 30 max NL tourney which started not long after I signed up. The first 20 minutes were slow for me, but then I went on a tear. I started hitting every flop and just waxing my opponents. With 6 players remaining, and only 5 paying, I had a huge lead with 11,573 while the next closest person had 5045.

Unfortunately, I never won another hand. I overplayed my big lead and found myself down to 2000 in chips. Luckily, one of the other players had already been knocked out so I was at least assurred some money. From there my card dead state continued and I was busted out when my 6's in the hole were beat by AQ and a Q on the board. I was pretty bummed about relinquishing my big chip lead and only getting 5th place, but I was still able to triple my buy-in so it was o.k. I knew at that point it was time to call it a night.

On Saturday, I decided to give Party a break and head over to Noble. I'm trying to clear a bonus there and lately it's been an exercise in futility trying to make money. It feels like the bonus is taking forever to clear and I've basically been flat throughout. I'm playing the .25/.50 NL Hold'em tables and each session has gone something like this...I start with $25...I get waxed in the first 20 minutes and find myself down to less than $10...I wake up with a good hand (like trips or a flush) and get back to my starting stack.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Time to finish this post up and get a few hands in before the tourney tonight. It's weird, when I went on Stars this morning I swear it said the tourney was going to start at 3pm. This surprised me cause I could have sworn it was set for 7pm. I had planned to go to work for a while today so this put a kink in my plans. I went to work early and made it back home at 2:30. This time, when I signed onto Stars, it said the tourney started at 7pm. I don't know if my eyes or playing trix on me or if there really was a change, but it is wigging me out. Hope I see things a little clearer tonight during the game.

Good luck all!

Readers, you get your chance next week when the tourney is open to everyone. Sweet.

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