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Few things in life 'cause fear in me.

Actually that's total bullshit. With each year I remain on this earf, another thing seems to pop up to send shivers down my spine. I try to brush most things off as just a part of life, but some things seem to stick. Guess that's just a part of growth in a volatile world.

Take heights as an example. Growing up I had no fear of heights, or rather, if I had fear, I shunned it with youthful abandon. Nowadays I'm more like the guy on the roof of a house in the recent Milwaukee's Best commercial. If you haven't seen it, two guys are on a roof pondering the best way to start fixing a huge hole in the roof that was no doubt caused by an earlier "can drop" debacle.

As the third guy climbs the ladder to help out, he keeps his butt to the roof and scoots ever slowly to the other guys. When asked to bring the nail gun up to the two guys he proclaims, "I was thinking I could just hand you things from here," as he reaches the nail gun to them nearly 10 feet away. He of course is crushed by a falling can causing another huge hole in the roof. It's a great commercial and I was hoping to find it here, but for whatever reason they left that one off (and I can't get to youtube from work to see if it is there).

So anyway, I'm that guy on the roof scooting along like a wimp. In fact, I'm not even that. I'm the guy that climbs the ladder to the roof then climbs back down before even giving it a shot.

Fear sux.

That extra long intro had a purpose. I read this true story from The Trooper97 yesterday after finding the link through BadBlood and his post here. That is not a story you want to skip. Stop now and go check out both red links and then come back here and finish off my post.

When I first started playing poker and created this blog, we were occasionally playing a small game in my buddies garage (The Garage Mahal as we called it). Eventually the game grew. Not so big that it was on any radars, but big enough that I was no longer comfortable with the limits. I was not, and am still not, ready to play cash game poker at a level where I can lose a mortgage on any given night (even if it is part of my bankroll or not). That mentality is to my detriment as a poker player, and I realize it, but that is another story for another post.

Once the limits grew out of my comfort zone, I decided to help my buddy - and myself - by dealing one of his tables. It became excellent scratch for me and twice a week I was pulling down some excellent supplemental cash. Eventually, however, the game grew. More people started coming and the limits continued to grow. It's not that the limits were so big, but when the game is growing and there is, at times, 10k or more in and around the house, things can get tricky. I eventually resolved that the money I was making was not worth the risk I was taking on a regular basis.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying that is the case for any game. I'm just saying, that particular game became out of my comfort zone and I quit going there altogether. To date, my buddy still runs the game years later with no problems as of yet.

Still, I wonder if/when the police or the masked man will make his grand entrance.

A few years back a buddy and I were sitting at a pizza joint and poker game raids came into the conversation. I made the comment that there should be some type of online money system that is created to help solve the problem of both legality and the potential robbery scenarios. In essence, a live game such that no players bring a dime to the game or even in their vehicles (I've heard cops seize money not just from your person, but from your vehicle) and where you can prove the money you transferred was for a legal service or product.

Sort of a PayPal or Ebay for live poker.

I have not really put much thought into such a system since that conversation a few years back, but my noggin' is starting to tinker around with the idea again. I will give you my full thoughts/ideas on the subject in my next post.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 4:37 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I really like the PayPal idea, where you can xfer money to the "house" before you leave your home (or maybe at computers set up at the room), receive chips, and get paid out via PayPal. It would take a lot of faith in the house, though.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger jusdealem said...

Tag, you're it! Sry, blame Carmen. :)


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