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BBTwo Cool For School: jeciimd

When looking back on the very first Big Game of BBTwo, when I finished 2nd to jeciimd, I recall initially not giving him the credit he deserved. Not on this blog, mind you, but in my head as I sat there on the couch dazed at what had just happened. I'll admit I was stunned I made it so deep, had a massive chip lead, then ended up finishing 2nd. Since it was the very first tournament of the BBTwo, in that moment I didn't even think twice about the importance of getting the TOC. The next day that nugget eventually sunk in.

A few more things have sunk in since then. First off, jeciimd has game. Take a look at this...

~ 27 Events Played (that's dedication)
~ 2 BBTwo Wins (that's impressive)
~ 1 BBTwo Aussie Package Win (that's 18k biatches!)
~ 7 Final Tables (that's sick)
~ 9 In The Points (that's standard jeciimd)
~ 8 In The Money (sick again)
~ $20,733.14 Money Earned (that's
~ 1st in Overall Points (that's pretty obvious seeing the above).
~ 1st in Money Earned (no shit).

Lets take another look at that last number. Including the 18k package to the Aussie Millions, Mr. jeciimd took home a staggering $20,733.14 during the BBTwo. Oh, and even though he didn't bring home the bacon in the BBT, he still finished near the top of the points and took home a nice prize. In each series, he found a way to exploit us all and that's what he did.

jeciimd, if I didn't give you the credit you deserved in the first BBTwo event, just know you are getting it right now. You smoked us all and deserve every dime you've earned.

As for me and the BBTwo, I'm ultimately disappointed in my showing, though there were some bright spots.

The highs...

~ A 2nd and 4th place finish.
~ One of only 6 players to break the $1000 money earned mark in BBTwo.
~ $2881 moneys earned in BBT and BBTwo (not net of fees mind you).

The lows...

~ A 2nd and a 4th place finish (ultimately not what you want in a TOC format).
~ Only 2 final tables and 3 ITM for 24 events.
~ Low average points (18.86) since I played 24 of the events but only landed in the points 6 times.
~ Lower net profit than BBT since I played lots of events and earned less money this go around (actualy net numbers tbd if Al decides to post them).

Ultimately, I had a great time. These events were fun for me and I never put pressure on myself. Probably the only pressure was when folks would mention I would definitely take down a TOC. However, I am not let down about anything so far in BBT or BBTwo. While, like most, I'm ready for them to be over right around the time they do end, I absolutely love the series of events.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Al, Hoy, Mookie, Don, Kat, Full Tilt and everyone who played a part or participated in the BBTwo, making it even better than BBT. Now lets take some time, get back into the joy of blonkaments, and then before you know it BBThree will be upon us.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:28 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

oh what could have been. one flip HU in the Big Game and it could all be about you....

salt. in. wounds.


now seriously, we all got schooled. hard.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

I cannot emphasize how much fun I had watching DrJ win!!! This guy played tight/solid the entire BBTwo (which in theory works against this crowd, if you get cards) and he got cards when he needed and they HELD. How refreshing was it to see a non super donk win this, you know the AJ, AQ types, or the Q high all in callers etc etc. A lot of people probably think he is boring, but honestly he has better shot than most in Australia of a deep run with his play. He is built for deep stack $10K events!! I was worried that some of these people who might have won wouldn't even be able to find the air port let alone make it to level two of the tournament!!


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