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Blogger Luck Game - Redux

Fuck. I'm starting to remember why I didn't mind so much when we bagged the DADI poker tournaments.

First, I fucked up and posted the wrong banner for the Blogger Luck Game, which has since been pimped around with the incorrect information. A big thank you to everyone who has pimped it so far...sorry I gave you bad info. In case you missed the edit to my previous post, the banner should read 5 minute blinds, not 3 minute blinds. That makes all the difference in the world. LOL WTF EVER.

Still I have corrected my error and posted the correct banner below. If you happen to pimp the event going forward, please use the below banner.

Second, Full Tilt mistakenly set up the tournament for Saturday, 12.22.07, when I had asked for Sunday 12.23.07. They have since corrected this issue, but they had to cancel the original tournament. I was at work at the time, so unable to see if anyone other than myself was already registered. If you were registered, please be sure to log back in and re-register for the correct tourney. My apologies for the mix-up...Full Tilt flubbed that one up, but no big deal.

I have to hand it to folks like Al, Hoy and Mookie who host weekly tournaments. This shit's not easy, especially when you're a fuck up like me.




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