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Poker Dynamite

Didn't get to play any poker last night, but I will definitely hit the felt tonight in one way or another. I have a few options so the toughest part will be deciding what to do. First of my buddies is having a $50 buy-in 20 person max tournament which is always a good time. The downsides are the buy-in is a stretch for me, it's a 30 minute drive, and it's always past 1:00 am (if you're lucky) which is no fun for a working man. Second Option...I can play in a free tournament at a local restaurant with hopes of adding points towards a seat to the WSOP. Last week - the first for this restaurants tournament schedule - I came in 3rd out of 75 giving me a great start (as well as free beer to take home). The downside for this choice is there is no cash coming my way if I do well and it's a 15 - 20 week "regular season" so there is a lot of poker to be played in order to make it. I figure I'll give it a try in the first few weeks and if I can amass some points early I'll keep at it...otherwise I can definitely find better use with my time. Third and final option...with the new laptop I purchased on Sunday, I'm ready to jump on Party and cast my reel. It's been over a week since I played any online and I'm ready to go. It would be nice to just stay home with the fam and, before bed, play a couple of SNG's. I guess I'm leaning towards the online version tonight, but I'll just have to see. I've done well in the past at my buddies place, so I could be convinced to go there, but the laptop keeps calling my's a pic of it...and no that's not me on the monitor...too much hair...

On a random non-poker note, I took this quiz today and I think you should too. Here are my results...I'm pretty happy, so I got that going for me...

Which Napoleon Dynamite Character Are you?

Clearly, if you are looking at this like, "what the folk is this?", then it's time you rent Napoleon Dynamite. It's good for business, and it cures what ails ya. The next post will have some friggin poker content...pinky swear...

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