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SNG Challenge Update

SNG Challenge Update

I was able to get in 2 SNG's towards the SNG Challenge (see SNG link above for details) yesterday. The first one didn't go so well. I think I finished 4th. The second one I decided to play pretty late - just before bed - which typically doesn't work so well, but this time everything seemed to go my way and I ended up taking it down. I'm currently at $101 and looking forward to seeing the updated numbers from the other challengers.

For this challenge I've taken a Quality over Quantity approach. I've only played in 8 SNG's so far, but I've cashed in 6 of them. I've only played the 6 max Turbos and I think my aggressive style works well there. I hope the trend continues cause I've got some work to do to catch up with GaryC as well as Kipper who is doing well too.

Gotta keep this short, but I'll be posting again soon. I've been making some minor changes to the site and will explain on my next post. Oh, and please disregard the html screw up on my template picture at the top. It's from a picture in one of my posts that is too big and I just haven't gotten around to fixing it.

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