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I Am WhiteMan!

I Am WhiteMan!

Short post today. I played well last night and only disliked the way I played one hand. Unfortunately that hand cost me half my buy-in and left me with a loss on the night after being up most of the night. I was playing PL Omaha and called a turn and river bet where I knew I was beat, but still was hoping to improve. What kills me is I didn't improve from the flop (had a set), but still called on the river. I f'ing knew I was beat and still called. Granted, his all-in on the river was only a couple of dollars and there was a goodly amount in the middle, but when you know you're beat...

I've been rushing around today trying to figure out what to be for the Halloween party we go to every year. This is the 4th year I've been and that's not the least bit depressing. The first year I went I was an Oscar Award Winner. The kicker, however, was one of my buddies went as my Grip, so he was walking around with me at all times with a Boom Mike hovering above me. Anytime someone would come up to talk to me - whether I knew them or not - I would start into my Thank You speech. On occasion, after being about a minute into my conversation, my Grip would inform me it didn't go through and I'd have to start all over. It was pretty funny and everyone enjoyed it. One item of Oscar was a Michael Jackson doll wrapped in tin foil and painted gold. To this day, Michael is still wrapped. And don't ask why I have a Michael Jackson doll...dohl!

The 2nd year I went as a farmer which was not so funny. The 3rd year I went as one of the droogs from A ClockWork Orange. Two other guys (including my former Grip) went as droogs as well so it was pretty wicked. The building that is used for the party is lit up in black lights and when we walked in it was pretty bad ass. We got to wear cod pieces. I'll leave it at that.

For my 4th attempt, I've been struggling. I was originally gonna go as a Cubs fan and wear all my Cubs gear, along with a brown grocery bag over my head. I decided against that one though. It's been tough being a Cubs fan for half my life and it doesn't look like it's gonna get any easier. I'll be a Cubs fan to the grave, but I sure hope the Sox winning it all lights a fire under their asses. Let's go Cubbies, erm, next year.

My next thought was to go as my own made up superhero, WhiteMan! WhiteMan! would wear all white from head to toe (including a cape). He would don a W on his chest and when asked who he is, reply in his best Duffman(ish) voice, "I am WhiteMan!" He would have no super powers, but many weaknesses, up to and including no rhythm, the inability to dance, possible tiny junk, and the palest of skins.

My final choices are either A Person Of Interest or a Granny. I can swing the Person Of Interest with some slicked back hair, shaving all but my mustache, some large brown tinted glasses, and an assortment of random clothes (like short sleeve dress shirts and old skinny ties). He would be your typical guy you see sketch artists drawing. The Granny gig would be a long robe with doily's, a night cap, hose rolled down, slippers, a coffee mug (full of liqour) and posibbly a cane and hunched back. I would also shave everything except for some random hairs all over my face. Whenever someone talks to Granny, she'll reply, "What's that?"

We'll have to see what I end up with. No matter what, my favorite part of the outfit will be the drink in my hand. I'll try and hit the online tables this weekend and hopefully play in the blogger SNG over at Royal Vegas if all works the way it's planned. Thanks LittleAcornMan for putting it together. Look for me online when it is time to roll.

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At 6:38 AM, Blogger Admin said...

What a great blog. Wish there were more like this.

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At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)


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