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C'est La Vie Can Kiss My Ass

C'est La Vie Can Kiss My Ass

Poker and I are not on speaking terms right now. By Sunday night at 11pm I pretty much felt like the picture shows. No that's not me (I use red tape) and no, though it looks like a tinfoil hat, it's not. Tinfoil is way too expensive for a low limit player so we use newspaper in TripJaxville.

As for my mistress poker and our little spat, I feel like I played quite well, and still managed to drop 4 buy-ins at BoDog Saturday and Sunday. I was able to squeeze a little back in the end, but I'm prepared to throw in the towel now that I've cleared the bonus. Playing their has been nothing but a headache of sorts and I'm glad I can move elsewhere for a while. I hit the 200 required BoDog points and got the F out.

I only finished down $30, but a couple of things really left a bad taste in my mouth. Over the last couple of weeks I had been having connection problems at BoDog, Stars, and Party. Stars and Party are no longer a problem, but BoDog has been horrible. I'm sure my connection has something to do with it, but I'm not letting BoDog off too easy cause I am no longer having any problems anywhere else, but BoDog is still shanking me constantly. If it wasn't for the PSO bonus, I would have left that place long ago.

The shite hit the fan on Saturday night while two tabling at the NL tables bonus clearing. I got into a hand with 2 other players and hit Jacks Full of Eight's on the turn. At the river there was $25 in the pot and I checked expecting to get some action based on what I had seen in the players. The first guy went into what I thought was the think tank. Nope. He insta went all-in and the other guy called, $14 and $13 respectively. Only problem was when I thought the think tank was going on my connection was going all fuktard on me. My hand was folded and I'm pretty sure steam started coming out of my ears.

I looked back on the action to see that I would have won the hand. I knew I would have won and would have made the easy call of the all-ins with the only hand beating me being quad eights. So there went $52 down the drain. I immediately logged off and got into a back and forth email royale with BoDog support, but never got any answer I wanted. I'll say this about their support, they get back to you quick, I just don't like their answers. So long story long is I would have been up for my time spent on BoDog, but instead I'm down $30. I know it's not much and that's life, but C'est La Vie Can Kiss My Ass.


I did play in the U.S. vs. U.K. blogger SNG and had a good ole time. We had 7 punters for the show and I was able to get heads up with Davee3283 and at one time had a sizeable chip lead. I did manage to donk off a good portion over playing 44 and never really got my game back after that. In that 44 hand he had JJ and flopped Quad Jax on me. Wanna beat TripJax? Make QuadJax. It's that easy. I had a great time all and I can't wait to do it again.


I finally broke my streak of 793 straight Heads-Up losses this weekend. I think I broke even in them on the weekend, but just getting some wins was nice. On one of my $10 matches I managed to get Quad Aces and Quad 2's in a matter of minutes. I got the minimum on them, but I know it had to leave the guy feeling like the world was against him. I managed to win that one which was nice.


Go check out Jordan's blog, High On Poker to see the trail he blazed through a Stars tourney on Sunday. He was able to outlast over 1000 of his best friends and finish 4 in a $10 tourney. He took home over $600 for his efforts and was creeping towards $2500 for 1st place. Good job J. Glad I could be there to see the last 30 minutes. And by the way, he highly recommends Snapple.


So much to blog about, but so little sleep. I'm out. May the felt be with you...

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