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All I Want For Christmas Is A Strong Connection

All I Want For Christmas Is A Strong Connection

What a weekend of ups and downs. For the most part poker went o.k., but what I thought was an answer to my connection problems hasn't really panned out. I moved my high speed cable modem and wireless router from my bedroom to the living room since I spend most of my computer time in the living room. My thought was if I'm playing poker in the living room and start having connection problems I could just plug in the hardwire from the router to the computer to complete the cable connection.

The first night I did this I was all smiles as it seemed to fix the connection problems I was having at Hollywood poker. No such luck...I must have just been playing at a time where my connection was strong. Yesterday I continued to play connected with the wire and my connection was horrible. I played a tournament on PokerStars and averaged a 10% connection and was constantly being disconnected. It was extremely frustrating and I didn't go back to PokerStars the rest of the day. Same goes for Hollywood as I could never get a strong connection. I have all but resigned myself to missing out on the 100% bonus as I need 350 more points by tomorrow which is not gonna happen considering I can't even keep a connection. That sux.

So far the one and only site I've had no problems with, whether wireless or wired, is FullTilt poker. I have really been enjoying playing there lately. I have won three $24+$2 tournament tokens and used one so far. I entered a $6,000 guarantee tournament yesterday that paid top 27 and I ended up placing 30th. It was pretty painful getting so close and missing out, but I played the best poker I could with the cards I was getting. After more than 30 hands into the tournament I decided to click on the Stats tab and realized I had not played a single hand. I ended up playing my first hand on the 35th hand dealt. It's not that I didn't want to play - and even blind steal on occasion - but my table was very aggressive and very difficult to play cutesy with.

In the end I played 4% of the hands and my best hands were AK and 10 10. In essence I was blinded away. Still, I was happy with my patience and timing for making plays. When I got into a hand I had the best of it, even with the crap cards I was getting. I watched closely to see how often I would have won a hand had I played in a spot I shouldn't have. Almost every time I would have lost big playing suspect hands.

I was so close to breaking that tournament open on my few big hands, but alas I couldn't make it happen. Meanwhile I watched asshat after asshat run away with big pots. In my biggest pot lost I flopped a set of 4's and got it all in against a guy with J5 hearts and one heart on the flop. He called my allin with bottom pair and proceeded to hit runner runner hearts for a soul crushing flush. If I hit that hand I'm well over the average with not many more to go until the money, but instead that put me well below the average and on life support the rest of the way.

Regardless, I've been running hot on the token qualifiers so I still have two tokens towards $26 tournaments. I may have to play another today since I have the day off. We'll see. Well that's gonna have to do it for today. If you haven't seen it already, check the post below for details on a new tourney planned for Wednesday. Get your asses registered early. You too Jordan!

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