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Connection Inspection

Connection Inspection

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my prior post about a potential way to send a blogger to the 2006 WSOP Main Event. It seems I may have underestimated the number of bloggers willing to pony up 100 bones in order for a chance at the big dance. I guess it remains to be seen if this goes anywhere. As a group, I know we will do something to send as many people as possible to an event, but I'm not sure of the when, what, where and how. I like my idea, but there may be a better/easier way to get the job done. Sometimes when my ideas start spinning around in the noggin' I over think things rather than take the simple route.

I think what sort of turned this into a potentially monumental task was thinking that most bloggers would want to stay in the $10 tourney buy-in range as well as have a chance to make there money back even if they don't win a seat. To make that happen you've got to put more time and effort into the logistics, whereas a larger buy-in and no close but no cigar payouts can get it done quicker. There are positives and negatives to both. Yet, maybe there is middle ground.

I'm going to put a little more thought into it, and then maybe throw out a few more options for consideration. Again, thanks to all of you for reading and considering my ideas. It's great to be able to throw some things on the wall and see if they stick. If you haven't commented or have an idea or proposal let me know.

I've played a few of the 18 player $6 SNG's at FullTilt that pay a $26 tournament token to the top 4 places and I'm loving them. I've only played two, but I can tell they are pretty soft and very doable. I bubbled in my 1st one and made the cut in my 2nd one, but already I'm getting a good feel for them. Let the other players battle it out and watch while you move closer to the payday. Then, when the timing is right, get your chips in with the best of it and let mother variance tease you or please you. In the long run (never heard that before) you should come out good to go. Thanks Speaker for putting me onto those. You were right.

Currently, the only site I can play without having connection problems is FullTilt so I may be spending more time there than I have in the past. For a while Party was treating me right, but the last few nights have been pretty brutal at every site but FullTilt. Which brings me to my next section.

Does anyone else out there who uses a wireless laptop to play poker often have problems with their connection? Basically, I will sign on and get playing and not long into it the table will freeze. It will look like someone is taking an extra long time to make a decision, but in reality they are still playing while I'm stuck in la la land. Sometimes it will be 10 seconds or 1 minute before the table cycles forward to the current spot and by that time I'm usually put in sit out mode and I've lost whatever money or chips I had in the hand I had been in. This is happening at Party, Stars, Titan, Hollywood, and BoDog just to name a few. The only sites I seem to be clear on are FullTilt and UltimateBet, though I haven't spent much time at UB since I cashed out of there.

It's gotten so bad that I just have to avoid those sites, but this is a problem as I have bonus money needing to be cleared within a certain timeframe at a couple of those sites. I'll start this sentence noting I'm an e-tard, but what perplexes me is my internet connection is fine, but I still have the problems with the poker sites. I can surf the web and do all the normal things, but my connection to the poker site is wack.

Can anyone offer any insight into what might be wrong or what I can do to fix it? Are there settings on my computer causing this to happen? Is it a computer problem, a wireless router problem, or the high speed internet companies problem? I've had the laptop less than a year, but didn't have these problems early on. It's been the last few months where I've really seen a problem. What's up? I need a connection inspection for realz.

Frustration rant over. Sorry, but I can only take so many hands where I'm ready to take down a pot and get folded before I crack. One positive note, wifey's mom bought a computer last year she's not using so she's going to let me use it until I can afford a new desktop unit. Me thinks I'll have less stress when I can just move over to the desktop when my wireless problems start up.

Well that's gonna have to do it for now. I am serious about this 2006 Main Event gig so I'm gonna keep at it. Even if we only muster up enough $ to do the $1500 events, I still think we can send more than we sent last year.

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