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Poker BLOGGERS Take Notice: The 2006 Main Event

Poker BLOGGERS Take Notice: The 2006 Main Event

In my last post I mentioned I was going to unload my next Poker Sites Take Notice, but along the way something else jumped to the front of the line and took priority in my mind. Specifically I was reading BigPirate's recent post about SENDING A BLOGGER TO THE 2006 WSOP MAIN EVENT. We successfully sent a few bloggers to the WSOP last year, but could only conjure up enough support to cover the $1500 event.

If you didn't click the link to BigPirate above, basically he proposes a $100 tournament with 100 bloggers, sending one lucky bastard to the main event. Places 2-11 would receive 5% of any winnings (50% total), leaving 50% of any winnings for said bastard.

I like his idea a lot - especially the other finalists having a stake in the bastard - but I doubt we will be able to come up with 100 bloggers who can afford $100 for a 100 to 1 shot, even though I know it is for a great cause. After some thinking about it this weekend, I have a concept that just might work though it would take some help from a poker site as well as some time from ze bloggers.

The Idea

On a nightly or weekly basis, have a $10 +$1 tournament that pays out half the prize pool to the players in that particular tournament, while the other half would go into a prize pool for a future WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament (WWST). In that WWST, the prize pool would first pay out the Main Event buy-in to 1st place, then any further money would pay for buy-ins to the $1500 event to 2nd place and so on. All extra money will be paid out to the final table accordingly. As BigPirate mentioned, the players placing 2-11 could win a 5% stake in the winner as well. As for who would play in the WWST, one seat towards the WWST would be earned for every 9 players registered in the night/weekly tournaments.

An Example

Lets say 18 bloggers sign up for the first nightly or weekly tournament, thus $180 would be used as follows:

1st Place / $45 payout / Seat to WWST
2nd Place / $27 payout / Seat to WWST
3rd Place / $17 payout
The other $90 would go into the prize pool for the WWST.

Lets assume we start the nightly or weekly tournaments on January 1st, 2006 and want to have the WWST on April 31st. We would need to average approximately 120 buy-ins a week in order to meet our goal. The 120 buy-ins could be via one weekly tournament or a nightly tournament that draws 2 tables or approzimately 18 bloggers.

It seems, between the hundreds of bloggers we have out there, we could muster up enough support for a nightly 18 person tournament over a 16 week period don't ya think? We can't all play every night, but we can all play on occasion. And the beauty of it is you are not only playing for a seat to the WWST, but also an immediate payout just like a regular tourney. And if need be, we could open up the tourney to readers as well.

Players who win a seat to the WWST could continue playing in these tourneys not only to support the cause, but to also help their chances in the WWST. Each time they win a seat via the nightly/weekly tourney, rather than offer another seat to them, they can receive additional starting chips for the WWST. For instance, if the starting stack is 1500, if they win a second seat they could receive an additional 500 chips for a total starting stack of 2000. Every time they win a seat another 500 would be added to their stack.

Not only does this help their chances via additional chips, but it also helps with overlay. If they are receiving an additional seat they are increasing the prize pool without adding another player to the field. With a seat offered for every full table, there would be approximately 220 players in the WWST if no one won more than one seat. With players winning multiple times, the prize pool will grow, but the overlay will be better for those players.

I foresee a few scenarios occurring:

Scenario 1

This has huge success and we send a blogger to the WSOP 2006 Main Event as well as have 2-11th place staked at 5% each. If we exceed our goal, but don't have a large enough prize pool to send another blogger to the Main Event, we could send more bloggers to the $1500 event and/or pay out the extra $ to the WWST final table

Scenario 2

Not enough success to send a blogger to the Main Event, but enough to send one or more bloggers to the $1500 event. Excess $ paid to final table accordingly.

Scenario 3
Not enough success to send a blogger to any event, but enough to play out the WWST and payout the prize pool like a regular tourney.

Scenario 4

It all fizzles with little success and the money held for the WWST is paid out to the players who won seats to the WWST accordingly. TripJax cries himself to sleep on his wee pillow.

What We Need
A poker site willing to work with us on the prize pool being adjusted for the WWST.

Bloggers willing to spend some time and effort supporting each other.

Private Tables - I can create private tables at Stars so that would be a start if they will work with us.

Why This Is A Good Thing
We would be sending a blogger to the 2006 Main Event!

Each tournament gives you the chance to qualify for the WWST as well as
make money immediately.

Even if you don't win the seat, you could still win a stake in the person who does.

Plenty of chances to play with fellow bloggers on the cheap.

A seat to a WWST for every 9 registrants.

The more seats you win, the more chips you start with and the better the overlay on the WWST.

You could win a seat to the WSOP for $10.

No matter what happens, we're supporting from within when we send a blogger to the big dance.

The Questions
Is there a site out there willing to work with us to send a player to the WSOP through them? When thinking this up I had PokerStars and FullTilt in mind, but maybe another site would work.

Is this too much work for something that might not come to fruition?

Do we have enough bloggers to support 120+ buy-ins a week towards the goal?

Is this a stupid idea?

So that's it. I'm sure I'm missing something or not fully explaining something very well, but for now this will have to do. Leave me a comment with your thoughts or if you see any issue with this. If this is just too much to try and reach the $10,000 goal, we could lower our sights a little and work to send as many $1500 event buy-ins as possible. I would be willing to handle all aspects of coordinating this if there is enough interest and would hopefully be able to work with an administrator at the poker site to handle administrative issues accordingly. In the mean time, let me finish the post with this...

The Tourney Chart

Here's a game grid I put together as an example of what the nightly/weekly tournament could offer. I had the grid going up to 65+, but my spreadsheet cut it off at 42 players. Regardless, I'm sure you get the idea. The numbers shown in green are the winning payouts that also earn a seat to the WWST. If between 6 and 8 players sign up, the game can still be played, but the prize pool would not be split up since it would not be enough to offer a seat to the WWST.

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