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Damn This Guy Is Good?

Damn This Guy Is Good?

Well I don't have a lot to chirp about today. I played limited poker over the weekend, but when I did I continued my strugglefest. After a strong beginning to my Titan Instant Bankroll promotion - running the free $50 up to $200 - I have found a way to give virtually all of it back. I now sit, sadly, at around $20. It's been a tough run of cards, occasional suspect decisions, and numerous river rats. However, this is not a bad beat blog so I'll leave those to myself. If I had to give a visual of the experience, it would be like finding a free ticket to Vegas (read: free $50 from Titan), getting on the plane and finding out they've upgraded you to First Class (read: run the $50 up to $200), then looking out the window and seeing this (see picture). Dohl!

What I'm really bummed about is clearing nearly 4000 of the 6000 required Titan stars and now finding myself near the felt. Even though it will be a crapshoot, playing $1/$2 with my remaining $20, I will continue at that level in order to attempt to finish the promo in this decade. A couple of bad runs and I'll be out, but a couple of hot hands and I could be back rolling towards my goal. If I can just clear the bonus within 30 days, whether I have $.50, $50, or $150, I will receive an extra $25 from Titan for clearing the required number of raked hands. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

All the above duly noted, I must note this is still a good promotion to attempt if your bankroll could use a boost on someone else's dime. It is free money people...fuck with that. If you don't have a Titan account and want $75 to play some poker with for free, then go here and tell'em tripjax sent ya. If I'm not your huckleberry, then tell'em dugglebogey sent ya. He's worked hard to get the word out on this promotion and deserves a little help. If you're looking to just open up a new account and take advantage of the huge bonus offers they have, then check out my banner over there on the left. Enough of that...must take shower...feel dirty. I know you hear it often (and despite my bad run of late) the players are pretty damn horrible. There is money to be made there.


I was playing around on Technorati today and noticed a website that links to me that is interesting. It isn't so interesting that they link me, but the words they use. Specifically, my link is listed as Damn These Guys Are Good. I'm not sure what that means or the thoughts behind it, but I don't care...I like it. Thanks Mr. Pulver. I appreciate it.


I had planned on playing in a live game tomorrow night, but it looks like that's not gonna happen, so I think I will spend that time playing a 180 SNG at Stars. I'm gonna first try to make the $20 buy-in via cashing in a 1 table SNG, but if that doesn’t work I may just buy in directly. We'll see. Might even try that tonight if the kiddies hit the sack early enough.

Short post today folks. Work beckons. Damnit! For more weird pics, see the post below...

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At 10:39 AM, Blogger Loo Smith said...

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At 9:21 AM, Blogger Ketty Ka said...

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