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These Beetches Are Making Me Thirsty

These Beetches Are Making Me Thirsty

Yep, dems quad beetches. It might possibly be the first time I've ever won wif dem beetches. I was paid off to the tune of a $20+ pot which I'll take any day. As you can see from the picture, I'm playing at Titan Poker. I'm playing there because they so kindly offered me $75, through PSO's Instant Bankroll program. The requirements are a tad lofty, but it can be done. Basically they give you $50 and you must clear 6000 Titan Stars within 30 days. Once you clear the Stars they release the other $25.

I'm just now getting used to ring game play after primarily playing SNG's and MTT's the past 2 years. It has actually been a fun experience along the way. I've gone from playing penny poker to finally hitting up the $1/$2 limit tables. I'm used to clearing bonuses at a low level like .25/.50 or .50/1, but that is pretty much impossible to do at Titan as you get so few Stars for that level. Therefore, I'm playing the $1/$2 tables and clearing the bonus at 6 stars for every raked hand. That puts me at 1000 hands to clear the bonus. I want to multi-table to clear the bonus quicker, but I'm just not comfortable multi-tabling $1/$2 with the amount of bankroll I have there. Just looking at the limit challenge, I'm already playing a level (or two) beyond my roll there, but I can't help it since Titan has set the requirements pretty high.

As for my current status, I've cleared 200 of the 1000 required hands. I'm trying to clear 100 hands a day which actually takes longer than I expected. They don't take a rake until $5 and there are quite a few hands that never hit the $5 level. With only about 20 days left to clear the bonus, I know I have my work cut out for me, but if I can play even or positive poker this will be a boost to my overall bankroll. I started with the $50 and ran it up to over $120 with some decent play. In my last session I played near flawless poker and still took a net loss for the day due to 2 hands. I don't remember exact details other than to say that the players had absolutely no business being in the hand and both ended up runner runner to beat me out. If I take those two pots I'm probably near $150. As it stands, I'm at $99 which is still a double up from my starting stack. We'll see how it goes.

The best thing about this promotion is it has forced me to play at a level higher than I'm used to. What I've learned is I can handle the higher level. My main concern was the larger swings that you go through, but honestly it hasn't been half as bad as I would have thought. I think the bottomline is as long as the chipstack you have in front of you is at a standard with the limit you are playing, if you can play decent poker you'll be fine. I'm amazed at how many people sit down with $10 or less at the $1/$2 tables and just keep reloading when they lose. I felt like I was buying in way low when I was putting down $50 the first time, but didn't feel so bad when every other donk was putting down between $5 - $15 and thinking they were gonna run it up. On occasion one would bring their stack up, but mostly they just gave it away playing weak small stack poker.


In the WTF department, during my run at the Titan tables I've had AA 5 times and won once. Luckily it was for a big pot and I was getting back chips from a guy who had donked his way into my stack. Still, I couldn't believe the ways I was losing with AA. It was amazing. However, you won't hear me saying I hate that hand or I always lose with it. I still wish I got that hand ever time.


I played in the Hollywood Poker 1 year anniversary $5,000 freeroll Sunday with 1,147 of my best friends. Actually there were a couple of my poker buddies playing which was cool. Early on I was moving furniture in our sons room so I was only partially watching what I was doing in the tournament. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn't also play in the U.S. vs. The Rest Of The World SNG. I look forward to reading who took that one down. As for the Hollywwod MTT, I was able to make it into the money (top 130 paid) and I went out 31st for a $20 profit. 1st place was $1,200 so I was disappointed in not getting closer to that level, but I was happy with my play. I actually got AA five times in this tournament, but my raises were only called once. Those AA hands where everyone folded helped me slowly chip up by taking down the blinds and the limpers chips. The one time I did get called I took all the guys chips, but he only had about 1/4 of my chips so it wasn't a huge gain, but it helped. Felt good to win with AA. In my last two MTT's with 1000+ entrants, I've finished in the 30's both times. Feels good, but I gotta work on my drive to the final table.

There are plenty of things I don't like about Hollywood Poker, but one thing I really like is how they show the percentages to win the hand when players are all in. That is very cool to see where players stand during the hand. Very cool. Unfortunately, on the hand that would have really set me up for a final table run, I was a 70% favorite pre-flop and I ended up losing when he caught his card on the river. Oh well.

Damn, I apologize, but I just realized this was one boring post. I'll try and do a better job this week. Work is kicking my ass these days so I never can really tell when my next post will show up. When it does, I'll try and make it better than this rubbish. To all my poker buds, sorry I've missed chatting it up and playing lately, but when I've been able to play online I've been trying to focus on bonus clearing and I really haven't been online much lately. I'll try and make up for it soon with some blogger playing over the next couple of weeks before Christmas.

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At 7:51 PM, Blogger Joe said...

TripJax, Joe here. Came across your blog through a search of poker, and was kind of interested in your last post, since I too am one of those low-limit players.

Your WTF comment about AA does suck, but if you play 1/2 limit, my guess would be that you'll have 3-5 people in almost every pot. AA is obviously a large favorite against one opponent, but the more players that enter the pot, the less your AA is going to win. The gigantic pot you do win will hopefully offset your losses with the hand. Donks at 1/2 don't know how to fold, sad isn't it?

Well just thought I'd stop in and tell you well done with the blog, if you get a chance, check out my blog, I just wrote an article about heads up poker that might interest you.



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