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Very Superstitious...Writings On The Blog

Very Superstitious...Writings On The Blog

I'm working on a long(ish) post currently in draft status that will hopefully be out this afternoon, but I wanted to post a quick question that I was thinking about during my drive into work this morning. We've probably all heard about strange superstitions people have when playing in live tournaments and cash games, but I want to hear from you all about your superstitions with online play.

Maybe you have to be wearing those raggedy ass boxers (and only those raggedy ass boxers) whenever you play MTT's because you did well in an online MTT while wearing them ages ago. Or maybe you have to drink Tab cola whenever playing in a ring game, but can only take a sip when you win a hand or when you're in the Big Blind. Maybe you will only play at Party Poker on Monday nights because you always do well there that day. I don't know, I'm just making shit up, but you get the idea. As for me, I can't currently think of any superstition I have with my online play, but if I come up with anything I'll post it in my comments section.

Drop me a comment with your superstitious ways...

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