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It's A Celebration Beetches!

It's A Celebration Beetches!

With all the hoopla that is the holiday season, I friggin' forgot about my blog birthday. That's right folks, one year of blogging is in the books as of November 25th, 2005. It's A Celebration Beetches!

I started this here blog with one plan. Make sure someone goes to poop during a heads up match against me. With that said, I feel I have accomplished everything I strived to achieve when starting this blog. But now that I have accomplished all my goals in such a short time, I feel the need to start some new goals. Therefore, at some point in year two, I would like to give back to the community by dropping trow during one of my own heads up sessions. Fun will be had by all.


Along the way this blog has had some changes. To my readers who have been with me the long haul, you will recognize the template below as my original:

This is the template that really started things for me. If you want to let yourself be known in a community of poker degenerates, chances are this template will get you started on the right track. To anyone out there interested in a template change, this one is always a good starter kit.

A few months into the blogging gig I decided the booty template did not offer enough of the extras I needed so I started looking for a change. This template was my pick:

It didn't take long for the poker blogging community to let me know what they really thought about that change. "Erm, hey jackhole, why did you get rid of the booty pic and replace it with this?" Nuff said, the booty pic was back within hours of the revolt.

But, alas, I did need a change, and found it with the skin I am currently in. I have put some blood, sweat and beers into this template so I do not foresee a change in the near future, so what you see is what you get ladies and gents.


GCox recently posted about how he was sucked into this poker playing world and I thought I would chime in. I actually explained myself in my very first post so what better time to review than in my blog birthday celebration post. G has a story that many, many players share. He saw Moneymaker - a nobody turned somebody - outlast a huge field to reign supreme in the 2003 WSoP.

My story is similar, but begins a year earlier when a luckbox named Robert Varkonyi won it all. I will never forget watching the footage and thinking, "Man I cant believe they are showing poker from the 1980's on ESPN!" I was amazed when they displayed a banner noting it was the 2002 WSoP. WTF? Most of those guys really needed a wardrobe update. And thankfully ESPN did their own wardrobe change and have since put a little more work into the production.

Like G, I was hooked and immediately started reading up on poker. Not long after I was making my first deposit online and the rest is the making.


Though we are past the time of Thanksgiving, I do want to send out a hearty THANK YOU to everyone out there who takes the time to read this blog and even, on occasion, leave a comment. As of today there are 2,376,554 other sites that pump out much better content than me. And there are 78,657,456 other sites that have pictures of boobies that you could be looking at. So thanks for taking the time to visit this humble ole blog.

Also, thanks to all the original Heads Up Challenge crew, and all the new bloggers I've met along the way, especially GCox and Jordan. You all make playing poker much more fun.

And finally, in the thank you department, a huge thanks to all the other poker bloggers who take time out of there day to write up quality posts in order for me to take time out of my day to read them. It has been over a year and I still love reading all the stuff you buoys and goils pump out.


Gotta finish this tripe up quick before I lose every single reader I currently have. Last night poker was my friend and I am very thankful for that. I did take some pretty tough beats early on, but all in all things worked out. I was able to clear some good bonus points at Hollywood, I received my Instant Bankroll at Titan, and I won an 18 player SNG at Stars. Thank you sir, may I have another? Condolences to G and J who were both knocked out at the final table before any payouts. J's was tougher to watch as it happened on the bubble. As for my play, I hope the positive trend continues this week and into December.


Finally, please welcome FullTilt poker to my Help-A-Brotha-Out links on the left. Like Stars, these guys get it. They listen to the players and actively work to be a part of the community. They have great software and are headed in the right direction with almost everything they do. To that end, I certainly hope they are successful in their attempt to become one of - if not the - premiere poker site.


Well, that will have to do it. It looks like the celebration is over beetches! Thanks for making it this far into the post. I promise I will try and put some worthy content out in year number two. That and a poop.

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