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And Then There Was Poop...And It Was Good

And Then There Was Poop...And It Was Good

Well there's nothing like a poop post to bring in loads of comments. If you didn't get a chance to see the previous post, check it out. Thanks to everyone for the stinky comments.


Congrats are in order for one of our local Greensboro players. Dan Starkey managed to make the final table at the 2005 WSoP Circuit Event in Vegas this past Saturday. The buy-in was $1000 and he finished in 9th place for a win of $3,977. First place was $65,000 so I'm sure he is bummed he didn't finish higher, but it never hurts to make a WSoP final table, circuit event or not.

Dan is the young punk us older folks occasionally wish we could be. He's not married, not in school, has no job, and plays poker for a living. He wakes up in the aftertoon and plays poker into the early morning. He plays poker He's in that group of people we all figure 95% of will eventually crash and burn and wind up with no money, no job, and no direction. But he's got game and he's young, so he's doing what he wants and I can't knock that. I play $5 - $20 MTT's and SNG's online and he just cashed in a WSoP event and has his own page on CardPlayer. Nice job Dan.

You may recall Dan and some of the other local young guys were on my blogroll for a while at GSO Crew. However, just like I figured, they posted a few times and then it became a beached blog, with no posts and no love. It remains to be seen if they'll surface again via the blog, but until they do, they've been yanked from my blogroll.


A quick story for a change of pace. When I first started chatting it up with the poker degenerates, I quickly found out that GCox was an avid Keystone Light drinker. He even has a pic of him holding a can of the brew for his PokerStars avatar. When I found this out I couldn't wait to tell him this little factoid.

Keystone Light is simply Coors Light in a dented can.

The Coors Light and Keystone Light cans are rather thinly made, thus susceptible to denting. During production, if the can has no dent, it proceeds down the labeling line for Coors Light. However, if there is even the smallest dent in the can, it proceeds down the labeling line for Keystone Light. But it's the same beer.

As a test, I implore you to taste beer from a can of Coors Light and Keystone Light and find a difference. I also solicit all beer drinkers to buy a 12 pack of Keystone Light and check the cans for dents. To date - and with many years of drinking the stuff - I have never seen a Keystone Light can without a dent. Since GCox came upon this interesting news, he as well has yet to find an undented can, and he's been pounding the stuff like it's water (which isn't far fromt he truth).

I realize Keystone Light is not on the list of beers to drink for the typical person, but from where GCox and I are from, it's always available. I've been meaning to write that in the blog and I'm glad I finally did.


I continued to struggle with tough beats last night and was down about $30 at one point, but managed to come in 2nd in an 18 person SNG to get me back to even. After placing in that SNG I was pretty much spent and didn't play another game. The beats have just been doing a number on me lately. At one point I was yelling into my headphones not to bring the card I knew was coming. G was there to console, but it still smarts to be running bad like this. After playing, I continued to railbird G with his Pacific tournament and spoke with Jordan for a while as well. Good times guys...


Speaking of Jordan, he's in the process of trying to update his blog and I'm gonna see what I can do to help. After updating my blog and helping G out with his, I've received a few requests to help with blogs and I'll see what I can do over time. So if you've asked for help on a new blog, please be patient. I've got a lot going on, and when I don't have a lot going on I want to play poker. But I'll try and help when I can...


Gotta finish this thing up quick. Much to write about, but no time. I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with another post...



I just realized I didn't post something I had mentioned to G and J last night, so I better do that now. After reading WiredPairs mention the great value on the Party 40K nightly guarantee I decided to check it out. It is a $20 + $2 event with an average of 2200 players, thus a good chance to make some good money relatively cheap. On Sunday I went searching out the tournament, but couldn't find it in their arsenal so I emailed Party Support requesting info. I also asked in the email if they offered qualifiers to that particular tourney. As soon as I hit the send button on the email I immediately felt like a dolt. Qualifiers for a $20 tournament? Yeah right...not a chance. That clearly showed my mentality and my currently low bankroll.

I received the info that I needed in the email and decided I would create my own qualifier. $20 is not a lot of money, but when you are at the level I am currently at after cashing out for our 2005 family vacation, it is enough to keep me from playing the tourney regularly. So here's my plan...

On a night when I can afford to stay up late, I will play a Party $5 single table SNG.

So, anybody interested in tackling this plan maybe once a week with me? I realize this is primarily directed towards the lower limit players looking to get a "freeroll" into a $20 tournament, so taking the time to go through the SNG might not cater to some of my readers, but that's o.k. I think it would be a good time to try this out with a number of other bloggers whilst chattting it up with the headsets. I would suggest we play seperate SNG's however...

Let me know what you think...

***End Addendum***

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