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Stinky Poker

Stinky Poker

I played rather horrible poker tonight. For the last couple of weeks I've been playing the 4 player Heads-Up games at PokerStars with some success, but tonight it was just plain shitty. I went 0-4 and played rather ugly. I will say the turn and river were not very kind, but there were times where I let the player see the turn or river when I shouldn't have. Dats my own fault so I get what I deserve. Still, regardless of tonights results, I'm really liking these HU SNG's like someone else I know, so you'll probably see me frequenting those tables going forward.

On a just plain sad note, I lost to a guy who went to take a shit right in the middle of our game. He gave up about 500 of his chips while he dropped trow and then came back and beat me. I will say he caught cards to take me down, but it still smarts to lose to a guy who put his poker game 2nd on his list of things to do during that hour. Check out the chat from that game...

Damnit, no more poker for me tonight...


I forgot to mention, this guy pulled a royal flush out of his ass (pun intended) versus my flopped fullhouse. I had Kc3c to his JhQh. The flop came down 3sKhKs and of course I slowplayed him into his open ended straight flush draw when the turn brought a 10h. The river was a very stinky Ah. That sucked. That's when things went into the toilet for me. I lost only a few hands later. Stinky!

***End Addendum***

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