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Happy Fatsgiving!

Happy Fatsgiving!

Man I love Thanksgiving. It really is one of the best Holidays out there. STeelerJosh helped remind me why with some reasons I had never really thought about. What other Holiday do you not have to worry about gifts, no cards have to be given out, people feed you unbelievable amounts of food and you are expected to watch football? Bless you Pilgrims.

On a sour note, I sit here at work Friday morning cursing the wankers who feel the need to have the stock market open a half day the Friday after Thanksgiving. Don't give me some crap about it's good for the economy or any such muck. People need to be with their families today. People need to be recovering from the food induced coma they experienced yesterday. People need to know they don't have to cancel travel plans because of a 4 hour day where no production will occur and no one will do one iota of work. I am people, and I am less than enthused at the moment.


I played in a home game Tuesday night for a little Pre-Thanksgiving pokery goodness. I had been feeling bad about going to play poker because, up until I found out about the game, I was supposed to go with wifey and the kids to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. I only felt bad because I hate to leave wifey dealing with the kids while I'm off being a degenerate. However, she was cool with it and I knew once they got there boy would be playing the whole time and baby girl would be passed from one parent to the next cause everybody loves cute babies.

About halfway through the first game I decided to call wifey to make sure everything was going o.k. (drop huge Milwaukee's Best Light can on me at this point for checking in on wife and kids during poker game). To my surprise, and relief, wifey was having a good ole time and was actually drinking it up at Chuck-E-Cheese. Gotta love a place you can take kids to play that serves pizza and beer. That made me feel much better about my decision to sneak in a little live poker before the holidays.

As for the poker, I ended up bubbling in the first game and finishing 2nd in the last game. I don't recall any monumental hands, though in the 2nd game I did have a hefty stack and put a guy all-in while I held the hammer. He called and his hand held up giving him new life. He ended beating me for the win in that game. Dohl! If anything these guys know I'm willing to take them out with any hand given the right situation. They don't know the power of the hammer and unfortunately I didn't either - at least during that hand.

We had a guy who was not much of a poker player who decided to join us for both games. He didn't exactly do well and I only bring him up for what happened in the final hand of the night. I'm heads up with the guy I played the hammer against and I've lost a couple of hands to get pretty shortstacked. The blinds are huge and I have to put half my stack in the middle just to meet the big blind. The other guy pushes all-in from the small blind and I insta-call with K 9. He flips over K J. I had hoped to have two live cards, but no such luck.

The other guys - including the newbie - had been in the living room watching hockey, but when they heard we might be on our last hand, they came back into the room. As we were flipping over our hands the newbie sat down at the table and started shuffling what he thought was the other deck on the table. Erm, not quite dude, you're shuffling the deck we're playing! He apoligized and we went ahead with the hand. I not too surprisingly lost, but can only ponder the suckout I might have dropped on my opponent had the deck not been shuffled. Oh well. Fun times were had by all.


Me thinks I'll try and sneak some poker in this weekend, so hopefully I'll have more to report soon. Work is kicking my badugi these days so that coupled with the holidays will probably make for some random posting over the next few weeks. I'll do what I can though...

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