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I Learned It From Watching You!

I Learned It From Watching You!

GCox...This One's For You...

Erm, not the part about Jordan getting waxed by pocket kings, but the chatbox...

After a limper (or maybe two) I raise it from 60 to 250 with the hammer and get an insta-caller. Another guy is already all-in and the flop comes down X 7 Q. I'm willing to check it down to hopefully knock the all-in guy out. The other guy in the hand rivers his 10 to take down the hand. Not long after he gives me a friendly wtf? regarding my raise with 7 2 and I had to use your line. G, I learned it from watching you!


The hand that shows in the picture has nothing to do with the hammer hand that is being discussed in the chatbox. My hammer hand was a few hands prior, but the chat about it was still going on. I realized that might be a bit confusing considering the 7's on the board in the picture. As a side note, after my hammer showing, it got shown down numerous times after. And I'm sure these guys would not have played it the way they did had we not been having a good time discussing it.

*End Addendum*


Oh, and Jordan ended up taking 2nd so this particular hand was merely a flesh wound. Short's late and I'm tired....

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