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Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

I think I will stick with the randomness for the next few days since the readership will undoubtedly be way down with all those bastards enjoying themselves in Vegas (I kid, I kid cause I love). Regardless, the show must go on! Since this post might be boring I figured I should spice it up with a poker babe pic.


I spent a little time on the e-Vegas virtual felt last night. I cleared about 100 raked hands at Titan - towards my instant bankroll promotion - so I am getting closer to the light at the end of the 6000 stars tunnel. One raked hand at $1/$2 releases 6 stars, thus 1000 raked hands will get me to my goal. Unfortunately, after nearly tripling my original $50, the downswing at Titan has begun and I've given back the bulk of it. I currently sit at $73 and feel pretty whooped after the last few nights of play.

I won't bore you with bad beats and such, but I will say it is amazing watching donks constantly win with their bottom pair weak kicker when you can't buy a win with TPTK in a heads-up pot. I know top pair top kicker isn't an incredible hand, but when you're watching donk after donk win with crap cards it is hard to believe they can wake up with another wack job hand that will inevitably take down your hand. I think I'm just not used to the higher swings I'm seeing at $1/$2, but I'll get used to it.


I did get a chance to chat briefly with V and J last night, which was nice. J and I attempted to enter a $10 SNG at Stars, but unfortunately he was unable to sign up in time. He was in the middle of a heads-up match and I understand how difficult it can be to do anything else when you are put to decisions so quickly and constantly. We'll play again soon J.

I was able to take second for a $27 win in that SNG, but I had 1st place in my sights so I'm a little disappointed. On the last hand I had JJ and raised it up. My opponent minimum raised and I pushed. Of course, she had AA and took me out. Looking back I could have called and played a little more patient, but so often people play very aggressive with small to middle pocket pairs or Ace Crap so I wanted to get my chips in with a distinct advantage. Too bad distinct turned to extinct.

Regardless, I liked my play and actually got to use G's suck out better hands strategy. Early on I had A4 on a 445 flop. The turn brought a 6 and a guy pushed after I had raised. I called his raise, which was not much more, and hit my A on the river for a full boat. He had 23 for the ass end of the straight. He decided to berate me calling me a lucky sob.

I'd like to say I used my own sage advice and just left it alone, but I just wasn't in the mood to let this one go so I gave him a piece of my mind. I think this is not such a big deal at a SNG as opposed to a ring game where you want the donk to stick around after making a fucktard move. But in a SNG where the guy is on the rail and giving you a hard time for something you can't control, I just had to let it out. I won't go into the actual chat, but I enjoyed letting off some steam.

As for the 2nd place finish, my goal was to make enough to pay off my HUC2 $25 debt so I'm happy with the way things went. Jordan, when do we pay and who should I be paying?


Two nights ago wifey was changing baby and asked boy to go get the cornstarch from the room since baby had a rash. I realize...Too.Much.Information...sorry. Anyway, boy proceeds to get the bottle of cornstarch and turn our nursery into a winter wonderland shaking the bottle throughout the room and down the hallway. We were unaware of what was going on until he came down the hallway looking like a ghost. Dohl! I was pretty pissed at the time, but looking back it was pretty funny. He was apparently dreaming of a white Christmas a little early.


For those of you who watch ESPN SportsCenter all the time like me, is anyone else sick and tired of the "I Love You Too" song they play every freaking Monday after a weekend of NFL games. How much more are we supposed to take of this? Yes, it was a good song for a while and kind of cool since it was catered to that weekend's plays, but damn. If I hear that dudes voice one more time I may just have to take a machete to my TV.


I watched the 1996 U.S. Poker Championship last night with Phil Hellmuth Jr. and enjoyed watching his shenanigans. Even back then he was a little toad, maybe even more so. For those that don't know, you can catch some old poker shows on ESPN Classic, which is where I watched this one. Check it out.


That's gonna have to do it for me folks. I may not post again until Monday unless I get a wild hair up my ass, which might just happen.

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