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Uh Oh...

Uh Oh...

...Sounds like somebody's got a case of the "don't have shit to write abouts." Actually, Wednesday is a busy day for me at work and I really don't have much to write about, so I thought I would put a little effort into something else with the little time I can spare.

I noticed Hoyazo does not have a banner to promote his weekly tourney on Mondays, so I figured I would run with an idea I got in the ole noggin the other day. If Hoy approves, maybe this can be used when folks are pimping the tourney he hosts every Monday. As for the scene and the quote I used for the banner, if you don't recognize it, it's time to step away from the monitor and the raise/check/fold button and go rent Office Space. For realz.

If you want to put this in your blog posts, but don't know how, let me know. I would suggest using the smaller version (at the bottom of this post) and just having it link to the larger picture. If you use any of the larger versions like I did below, it might mess up your template. In other words, if you think you'll fuck it up, just leave me a comment and I'll help.

Click the picture for a larger version
I removed the large picture as it was bogarting my template.
You can still click the below picture to get to the larger version if need be.

Or here is a smaller version that can link to the bigger picture

Don't forget, DADI 7 is this Thursday, so be sure and sign up and join in all the fun. We've got all kinds of prizes from some great sponsors (O-Poker, VegasPokerPro, and PokerOnAMac) and even some side bet action you might can still get in on if'n ya hurry. Below is the banner for details. Two things I should is NL Hold'em and the password is case sensitive and should be pokertrust.

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