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DADI 8 Details

DADI 8 Details

DADI 8 time is near so pimping is in gear. Let me start this off by thanking Mookie for putting his weekly tourney on hiatus that week so that DADI can do its thing. In other words, if you were planning on playing in The Mookie on July 26th, you should sign-up for DADI 8 instead. With the ton of work Mookie puts into each of his weekly tourneys, he could probably use a break anyway.

As most of you know, since DADI is only once a month, and not on any particular day of the week, it can sometimes be difficult to schedule with the weekly tourneys going on. Luckily, broggers have this tendency of being hella cool, thus we never have had a problem. So thanks Mookie for working with us.

As for DADI 8 details, we've dubbed it the Rebuy in July. Since it is a rebuy, we brought the buy-in down to $5 so your bankroll won't hate us. Yes, to some of you $5 is a drop in the bucket, but to others it starts to add up if you start needing to rebuy. Anyway, it is not about the buy-in, but the good times right?!

To spice things up, Jordan has a little buy-in promotion for DADI 8. He'll offer up $5.50 (your initial buy-in free!) to the person who rebuys the most. You'll have to check with him on details, but I'm guessing the number of rebuys can be confirmed via account activity or by getting an email from Stars support. I'm thinking honor system would be best however.

As in the past, we've got more prizes to give away. Check it: was kind enough to put up an added $100 into the prize-pool! That is suh-weet folks., is offering 800 VPP Points for 1st place, redeemable for such great gifts as a $50 gift certificate to or BestBuy. Second place gets 400 VPP Points, which is redeemable for more prizes, including a $25 gift certificate. Poor, poor bubble boy (or girl) gets 400 VPP Points to ease the pain. And finally, knock out VPP_Dave and earn a 400 VPP Point bounty! Folks, that's a shit ton stuff being given away.

If you want to pimp DADI 8, here are some pics to use...

Rerun Small

Rerun Large
Donkey Large

That's all for today...lataz.

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