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Dead Money Inc. A For Profit Corporation

Dead Money Inc. Proves They Are A For Profit Corporation

Dead Money Inc CEO, Scott McMillan, emphatically announced at DADI 7, his corporation is indeed For Profit. In a move that should surprise few, he placed 1st.

In reviewing his corporate resolution we at confirm everything at Dead Money Inc seems to be in order.

We do, however, anticipate a company name change to Not Dead Money Inc in the near future. Congrats to you Scott.

I must confess, even though I went out well before the first break, I had a great time at DADI 7. For me, this was something that was missing from DADI 6. I think I was drained from DADI 5 and just didn't have it in me for DADI 6. However, I had a great time last night. It was a good feeling and gave me the zeal I need to keep going at these DADI tourneys. They are a good ole time and I hope you folks enjoy them as well.

As for my game, on the hand I went out on, I thought I was playing the player, when I was actually being played. My memory of details is vague, but I think I raised from 30 to 100 in early position with AK. I believe Bluto392 min raised me which, in hindsight, should have been my first warning. The flop came down with an Ace and I had feeling he held AQ sooted, QQ, or JJ so I felt I was good to go. I don't recall the betting from there, but we went back and forth a bit before we got it all-in. He flipped over his AA for a set of aces and I was riggidy rocked. All good though, das pokah.

I did manage to drop a reverse hoy on
Jestocost which was fun. Jest, for the record, I had QQ. I hope that you feel better about your fold. For those of you who don't know what a reverse hoy is, let me drop two quick definitions to clear up any confusion.

Hoy --- To go all-in except for $1, thus you are not blocked from chat, allowing the opportunity to still gather or give info to the others in the hand via chat. Plus it just tilts people sometimes. It is rather cool.

Reverse Hoy --- To set your opponent all-in, minus $1 (leave them with $1 if they call). I really like this one cause it often confuses the player or really makes them think about what the hell is going on.

Hoyazo for more details on the ingenious Hoy.

I big thank you again to our sponsors of DADI 7,
O-Poker, VegasPokerPro, and PokerOnAMac. If you were one of the winners, we'll be sure to get you all the stuff you deserve. Check back at the DADI site soon for details as such. I also want to thank Jordan for doing well enough in the tourney to save GCox and I from owing Waffles, Luckbox, and Kat any money. I do think we still owe some dough to someone, but we'll work that out soon.

Well, you may not see much posting out of me until after July 4th as I'll be out and about and not giving poker or this brog much of my attention. Maybe I'll be able to drop a post here and there, but we'll see. In the meantime, I hope you are yours have a great 4th and I hope you blow some shit up. Every year we stuff a Cornish Hen with M80's and blow it up, so I got that going for me.

Later y'allz

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