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CC Explores

CC Explores

First, don't forget that DADI 7 is tonight! Most, if not all of you, are aware of CC and his blog, Quest Of A Closet Poker Player. What you may not know is he is out in Vegas covering the WSOP with the likes of Pauly, Otis and I'm sure many others. In a recent post CC wrote:

"Also, Mook had a good idea, creating a banner that folks can use to pimp CC's coverage."

He's right ya know, thus I made a couple of little banners for the cause. The small one is over on the left (obviously) and the other one is below in different sizes. He is running a little contest, so we'll see if any of these make the cut. Not sure if he or others will like them, but I've obviously been in a banner making mood lately, so why the hell not.

If any of these end up being the one he wants to use, then if you need help using it, let me know. Check his blog for updates.

Small Version

Medium Version

I removed the medium version as it was bogarting my template due to the size.
Here's the link to it though.

Largest Version
Click HERE.

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