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Como estan, beetches?

Como estan, beetches?

Yeah, so having a few days vacation rocked. We went to a farm on 1600 acres of land and pretty much did nothing, which was hawesome. I took a poker book with me, but didn't even read a single page. Most of the time I just sat on the porch in a rocking chair with beer in hand. That's livin' right folks. Unfortunately I'm back in the saddle at work today. Reality sometimes bites.

We did do some fishing and TripBoy caught his first fish, a 1 pound bass. He's all growzed up now.

All in all it was a great 4th of July vacation.

Though I didn't give poker much thought while on vacation, I did manage to keep it in mind when we got back to the house. I almost pulled the trigger on playing the 20k guarantee on Full Tilt, but some friends came over so I bagged that idea. Instead I decided to play around with Google's new online spreadsheet. Specifically, I
created a spreadsheet that gives you a quick glance of your "M" while playing tournaments and SNG's.

Basically you can just open up this spreadsheet before you start a tourney and then input a couple of numbers and it will spit out your current "M". You can update the numbers anytime you want to see your "M". For anyone who sucks at crunching numbers quickly while playing an online tourney, this spreadsheet might help.

I'm new to Google Spreadsheets, so I'm not sure exactly how others can use it. As I'm to understand, I can invite anyone with a Google "gmail" account to use the spreadsheet, but I'm not sure what happens from there. I want anyone who would like a copy to use it, but I'm not sure if each person just saves it to their own Google Spreadsheet, or uses this particular one. I'd much rather folks just save it for their own spreadsheet so this one does not get modified.

If anyone can help me out with understanding how it works, then I'd be glad to open it up to others if they would like. I just need to figure out all the logistics. It is really nothing special, but I figured I would throw something together and see what happens. Once I get things together, if you have a gmail and want me to invite you to use the spreadsheet just let me know.

That's going to be it for me today. Laterz and thanks for reading.

It looks like the link to my spreadsheet might not be working so I'll try and remember to just do a screenshot when I get home so you can see it.

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