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Sad Times

Sad Times

To the left is a screen shot of the spreadsheet I mentioned in my previous post. I gave it a try last night and am happy to report I think it helped my game. Specifically, I played in two 180 player SNG's on PokerStars and I felt like using the spreadsheet really helped me stay focused on the task at hand.

I'm not saying this will be for everyone, or even that I'll use it down the road, but for now it seems to help me focus as well as remind me when I need to start making some moves and get myself back into the mix before it is too late.

One of my weaknesses in the past has been that I build an average stack and then watch it dwindle as I turn from aggressive to conservative hoping to make the money. By the time we get near the bubble, I'm usually at or near the bottom in chip count. At that point it is too late to make my mark and I usually make an unremarkable exit near the bubble or in the bottom money spot. Not good.

At the very least, using the zone system and the spreadsheet has kept me constantly aware of the blinds and my current "M". I'm thinking of making some modifications and possibly creating one for each type of SNG/MTT I tend to play so inputting the info will be a bit easier. We'll see.

As for last night, in the first 180 SNG I went out with about 80 remaining when my flopped straight was waxed by a runner, runner back door flush draw. I do think I played well, but the cards didn't fall my way on that one. Das poka. On the second one, I finished in the money in 12th place (18 pay). I managed to make a good run after being down to my last 400 when the average was 3500ish. Gotta love those rushes. Hopefully I can make the final table and win a few of those things in the near future.

Regarding my post yesterday, I did get an email offering some help from, I believe, someone named joxum, but I didn't get a chance to reply back yet. If you are reading this, thanks for your time and help. I appreciate it.

Things around the office here are pretty laid back for the most part. Sure there's the occasional butting of heads, but more often than not we are a pretty jovial, laugh it up office. So yesterday when I heard some yelling in our back office area I figured it was a group of co-workers joking about this or that. I recall having a fellow co-worker in my office and we both looked at each other quizzically and she commented, "something's really funny or really bad back there." I chimed in, "I'm sure it is something funny." I was wrong.

The noise was a fellow co-worker screaming after getting a call from her ex-husband that their 16 year old daughter had been shot in the back. It was 3:45 pm and details where very sketchy at that point, but one of the Financial Advisors here rushed her to the hospital.

As of this morning a little more light has been shed on the situation. The daughter was at her cousin's house hanging out since it is summer break and there was not much else to do. Apparently they got into a small argument and she stood up to leave the room. The cousin, a 16 year old boy described to me by a fellow co-worker as "troubled", pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger twice, but nothing happened. On the third attempt, however, it fired and shot the girl in the back.

The bullet went through her back, collapsed her lung, and continued on a rampage of damage. Currently she is in critical condition and the doctors have confirmed she is paralyzed from the waist down and will not walk again.

Knowing the family and especially the mother and daughter, it breaks my heart to see them go through this. My prayers are with the family. I know, no matter how things turn out, their lives will never be the same again.

Here is the latest article from the small online newspaper in Reidsville, NC. It is the only report I could find.

I heard about my co-workers daughter at around 3:45 pm, then got home at 5:00pm and read the sad news about Obie's son. I just want to send my condolences to Obie and his family at the tragic loss of their son, Alex, on July 3rd.

After hearing the news of both families in a span of about an hour, my heart felt like it was about to burst, so I can only imagine what both of the families are going through right now.

Death is ultimately a part of every single person's life, but that does not make it right or easy.

The TripJax family is keeping both families in our prayers.

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