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Benevolent Patience and Kind Understanding

At the very least, this online gambling bill has prompted me to clean up my poker clients. The number of poker sites I had on my computer was starting to get out of hand. So far, based on their decision to close my account, I have cashed out and removed Party Poker and Titan Poker. It actually felt nice to remove them. While they are definitely fish bowls, and there is money to be made there, I never enjoyed using either software.

Tonight I went onto Hollywood Poker to see if it was time to dump them as well, but I never saw anything noting I was no longer welcome. I only had $.30 on the site, but had enough points to trade them in for a ticket to a SNG. I made the exchange and headed to sign into the SNG. I figured if I made money I could try and build it up some. If I lost I could remove their software even though they have not given me the boot. I never really liked their software either and have no plans of depositing, so it would be no big deal to me.

When I tried to register for the SNG I was denied noting there was a systems error. I thought this might be the first sign that I was no longer welcome, but I decided to check with support. That's when the following exchange occurred. Anyone want to wager that this dude was foreign???


Please wait while we find an agent to assist you... You have been connected to Alan.

Alan: Hi Trip Jax! How may I help you?

Trip Jax: Hello. I am trying to register for a Bonner SNG with my ticket and it is not letting me.

Alan: it's a know issue i presume. I'm sorry sir for the inconvenience caused. We really do

Alan: restoration is under progress and there's a "runtime error" in one of our main servers

Alan: the downtime started just about 51 mins ago

Alan: the new adaptation of the remaining working servers are taking over but it'sll be slow

Alan: table game is totally down.. and i guess you knew about it already and just give it a cusion of time in 1-2 hours... thanks :)

Trip Jax: ok

Alan: we'll need it all the benevolent patience and the kind undestanding from our valued players

Trip Jax: not a problem...thanks....i'll try back again later

Alan: you should sir.. thanks a lot

Alan: have a great day

Alan: bye


Benevolent patience and kind understanding eh?! I like it. It pretty much sums up what we online poker players must have while all this online gambling crap comes to light.

Moving on, Derek's most recent post was a great follow-up to all the Bash write-ups. If you get a chance, check it out. I got a kick out of the quote from me that I don't remember saying. It sounds like something I would say though...

Tripjax said, "I love my son. He's the coolest white dude I know."

With that, this post must end. Laterz all.

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At 11:43 AM, Blogger littleacornman said...

I'm glad Pokerroom admit there was a problem.I was booted for 5 mins and dropped $2k in chips at a turbo last night.Still came 2nd but my winnings haven't been credited.
Sent them an email this morning....

I'm hoping I get an email reply so I can avoid the foreign phone monkeys...

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is...was his name really Alan??

At 1:53 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Chad...methinks not. Way to American for the type of words he was throwing together. I'm thinking it was Sven.

LAM...that's cool that you still finished 2nd...nice job...


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