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Ohio Here I Come

A few months ago I agreed to a business trip that would see me making the trek to Ohio for a week in February. Whenever I plan to travel on business, I always make sure there are no personal reasons that it would be a bad time to travel (i.e. family engagements, birthdays, holidays etc.).

At the time I got clearance from the family and made sure there were no reasons that would make travelling a problem. Fast forward to earlier this week as I'm thinking in my head about planning my trip. This is how my thought process went. "Okay I'm set to fly out of Greensboro to Ohio on Sunday going on...wait....fuck...the Super Bowl!!!!"

Now I don't necessarily care about either of the teams in the Super Bowl, and I don't currently have any cashola riding on the game, but I do love football and enjoy watching the game every year. Hopefully there will be no flight delays and I'll be able to get settled into a local watering hole for the game.

Whenever I travel on business, I like to check around to see if there are any other broggers in the area that I can meet up with. For instance, whenever I make a trip to Charlotte, Falstaff and Special K are on my list to check in on. I've made it to a couple of games at Falstaff's, but have yet to make it to a Special K game. I know that will happen eventually.

As I pondered who might be in Ohio, I was initially drawing a blank. Then, after about a minute, I had the fonkey moment where I realized there might be a certain wee little brogger in Ohio that I should try and meet up with. I hadn't checked the map, but I figured it might be just close enough to make it happen.

Unfortunately, where I'm working is about 4 hours from ignatious , so logistically it just doesn't make sense. I am working every day I am in Ohio except Sunday,and an 8 hour drive (there and back), not including the hanging out time, just doesn't work. I'll say I'm bummed to be flying so close to a fellow brogger and not being able to meet up, but I know I'll catch up with him soon enough.

I leave this Sunday and don't return until Friday and I'm not sure if I will have access to a computer while I'm gone. Therefore, if you don't see any updates from me next week, you'll know I'm struggling with no access to the series of tubes that make up the Internets. That will also mean no poker for me unless any of my dear readers comment letting me know of a live game near where I will be (Elyria, Oh).

All the above duly noted, please forgive the lack of posts over the next week or so. If I can, maybe I'll come up with someone to write while I'm gone. Guest writers pwn.

Until next time, may the felt be with you...

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At 4:22 PM, Anonymous kipper said...

You are 2 hours from Erie, PA where I am from...but no home game in my area that I am aware of.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger Steelie said...

Jesus! Do you know what Ohio is like in February? It's -400 degrees there right now! I hope you make it back with all your fingers and toes.

Good luck.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous ZowieZ said...

Dude... Iggy's not the only blogger in Ohio. -)

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous kipper said...

Let me know. Sunday looks like its going to be a high of 12 degrees. Monday as you step out of your hotel room should be a balmy 13!


At 11:59 PM, Blogger Special K said...

I that anywhere near Wichia, KS? I didn't think so. I'm not even checking for bloggers in KS. Have a good week. If you are connecting in Chicago on Thursday, let me know.


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