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iPhone Means No iPoker

I may have written about this before, but I've been thinking about it again lately, so here it goes.  An interesting thing has happened since I changed my cell phone to an iPhone 3G.  I almost never go on my laptop at home anymore.  I have so many options available on my phone that I just don't see a need to spend time on my laptop as much these days.

The above duly noted, there has been a sharp decline in my poker play since I purchased my phone.  I was already barely playing poker, but now I almost never play online.  It used to be I would fire up the laptop at night while watching tv in order to check my email or the latest news.  And wouldn't you know it, while reading my email the Full Tilt Poker icon would just magically open up.  It was if I was meant to play poker.  I swear it wasn't me opening the software *cough*.

So a fair amount of my poker play was just because I was on my computer and, well what'dya know, there is poker ready to be played.  Isn't it convenient that I am on a computer, where online poker is readily available for me to play.  Why I guess I should just play it right away!  Now that rarely happens anymore.

I guess it is to be expected that the fervor I once had for the game when I started this blog is some what diminished.  I'm not saying it is gone or won't make a serious come back, but for now it has subsided.  Once I am online and the cards hit the felt, I definitely feel the vibe, but getting me to the felt these days is the toughtest part.

Damnit when will someone create a Full Tilt, PokerStars or Bodog application for the iPhone!

Over the weekend I was all excited about a cornhole tournament I was going to play.  You may recall the posts here and here.  Well I did end up playing, but I absolutely stunk up the place.  I fancy myself a pretty damn good cornhole player, but I played like a fonkey the whole day.  I know you have to play the course, but I had gotten so accustomed to my own board that it was difficult to adjust to a random board with random bags at a different distance than I was used to.

Like I said, that is no excuse because, to be a good cornhole player, you have to adjust to the current game play, much like golf.  I just didn't do a good job of it.  We lost all three games we played and, in fact, didn't even put up enough points the whole day to win even 1 game!  You have to score 21 to win and I think our final scores were 6-21, 11-21, 1-21.  That's right folks.  There was a game that we only scored 1 point.  It was brutal out there.  The competition wasn't even that good, we were just that bad.

I could easily pack it in and never play again after a showing like that, but that just motivates me even further to get my ass in gear.  I know the true reason I stunk it up so bad.  That was the first time I've ever played cornhole without a beer in my hand.  The 11:00am start threw me off my normal game play.  Usually it is mid-day or late evening and I have a belly full of brewskies to help my game.  This time I was *gasp* playing sober.  How dare I!

In my previous post I mentioned I would explain our team name, The Cr0nholers.  At work my email is scrutinized by big brother so anything remotely potty mouth will cause the email to get quarantined for review.  Even the words potty mouth probably cause a quarantine.  It doesn't stop the incoming or outgoing email from being sent, it just quarantines it for a supervisor to review.  That said, the word cornhole is a guaranteed word that will always cause a quarantine.  In order to get around the filter my buddy MTW started writing cr0nhole; hence, The Cr0nholers were born.

On a random note, Jordan is cracking me up lately.  And for the record J, I digs me some social networking these days now that I have the iPhone.  I need to get you hooked too so you can know when I am eating at Chik-Fil-A, completing a mad ass sudoku game or dropping a deuce.  Word.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:16 AM, Blogger OhCaptain said...

I'd probably get fired if Full Tilt was on my iPhone. it's hard enough to not just open up Twitterific to check on the tweets in a meeting. Apple created a poker app, the bots suck but apparently you can play other humans if you are on the same wi-fi. Haven't found anyone else pony up the $4.99 to try it out.

It is the greatest device ever invented for the long boring corporate meeting.


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