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Local Poker Game Robbed ~ Local Robber Pwned.

"Dude, did you hear what happened at Erin's house last night?"

It's interesting when someone makes a statement as such. It all comes down to if you know what normally is happening at Erin's house, right? In this case I did know what normally happens at Erin's house - an underground poker game. Not so much underground as in a garage. A garage turned poker room.

When I first heard those words coming out of my buddies mouth, I wanted to believe it was the beginning of a great story. You know the one where one friend tells another friend about how yet another friend won some massive all-in pot against some fonk. Or maybe how a semi-celeb poker player showed up to the game, which isn't so far fetched with the number of NC poker players making tv tables these days.

Alas, my gut feeling was more spot on than my high hopes of a good story.

"Two guys with guns tried to rob the game and Pep shot one of them 3 times in the chest."


So a little background before I go on. I helped start this game and I even dealt it for the first year. I've mentioned the game many times in the past on this here blog. When I was in the mix the stakes were tiny and it was just a bunch of guys who liked playing tournaments and figured we should give the cash games a chance.

It didn't take long for the game to grow. The stakes slowly rose and the word started to get out. One table became two, which occasionally became three. I went from playing and dealing the game for fun to dealing the game for a little extra cash in the pocket. It wasn't much, but it occasionally paid a bill here or there when we were struggling. Eventually the stakes started to rise to a level that I was no longer comfortable playing or dealing. The type of stakes where the guy running the game decided it was time to hire Pep to guard the door and keep an eye on the game. At that point I didn't even want to be in the neighborhood, much less at the game. So I quit. I quit going all together.

Ever since I left the game I've had a mindset of not if but when. I always new something bad would happen - be it a police raid or a robbery - so I chose to move on. I'm all for a good poker game, but when you start to need a security guard like Pep at the door and cameras to keep up with the action in and outside, it is no longer a fun game for me.

I hate it for the guy who was shot and is apparently in critical condition; however, I believe when you choose to rob someone at gunpoint and end up getting shot, you 100% had it coming to you.

I currently have no other details on the story, but if anything else crops up that I can brog about, I'll definitely do so. And if I come across any new links about the story, I'll add them here. In the meantime, I gotta tell ya it was nice donking it up at a $5 onrine game to celebrate 5 years with a friend instead of sitting around a smokey garage watching some dumbass get capped.

By the way, names were changed to protect the degenerate.

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