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DADI Dearest

DADI Dearest

Let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for the inaugural Donkeys Always Draw Invitational (DADI). When this idea began the thought was to get a few bloggers together to play some poker and just have a good time. Jordan was frustrated that he couldn't seem to make it to any of the WWdN tourneys or any other blogger events lately, so we decided to set a game up we could all hopefully attend. To that end, with a little bit of work, DADI was born.

Cut to last night when I got home and 14 players were signed up. I was happy as it looked like we might fill up 2 tables. We didn't expect many more and figured that would be a nice little tourney. Fast forward to 9:00pm and more than 60 players were signed up. I want to say it was 66 total, but I could be wrong. Regardless, it far exceeded our expectations and was a nice surprise. This is a testament to all the bloggers who helped pimp the event via their blogs and word of mouth.

As for the poker, there was so much chat going on I don't really remember much. I know my first hand of the tournament was AA (so rigged) and I shed a tear when my raise was met with a cavalcade of folds. I would wield AA three more times in the tourney and each time my raise was uncontested. I regret one time, while in the big blind, raising my blind when only the SB had called. Still, I've decided to look at it this AA held up all night. That's better than a Rockets Bad Beat story eh?!

I know at one point I had every table up so I could chat which clearly meant my game was suffering. However, I didn't care. Well into the first hour I was down to below 500, but I was able to battle back to above average. I don't recall ever having a set, but I did fill my flush draws a couple of times to keep me above water. In the end, I made the final table, but went out in 8th place when DeadMoneyInc thrust a 2 outer on me. It was a tough one, but I quickly chippered up and enjoyed watching the rest of the final table. As I'm to understand, while the DADI was finishing up, DeadMoneyInc was 4th in chips at the FTP 10k. That dudes a machine.

As for the bounties, if you knocked someone out that had a bounty and have not been in contact with them directly, shoot me a comment and I'll help work it out for you. So far I only know of the following bounties:

TripJax took out Daddy
GCox took out Surflexus
DeadMoneyInc took out TripJax
JoeSpeaker took out AlCantHang
Change100 took out Jordan
thebeerroom took out BoobieLover
thebeerroom took out Lady Falcon (i weep as i really wanted the porn...damnit!)
BigPirate receives TenMile's gracious offering of a deck of cards (Thank you TenMile)
Change100 won the tournament and receives a two pack of Copag Cards

Well, actually, that's all I can remember. Leave me a comment and I'll update the list. Congratulations to the uber-aggressive Change100 on an impressive win and to JoeSpeaker on yet another excellent final table showing. Early on at the final table I recall being very patient with my small stack and watching players continually get it all-in, but not get knocked out. However, once I got knocked out, it seemed the beats began as I recall numerous times where the best hand did not hold up. Das poker. It was indeed a pretty wild final table.

Looks like there is talk of another DADI in a few weeks, but the theme may be Omaha. As of yet undetermined if it will be High or 8OB. We may lose some players who aren't down with Omaha, but the chance to get bloggers together with a change of pace sounds like fun. If you have any suggestions for future events or ways to improve, by all means shoot me a comment. Also, if you played and I don't have you linked in my blogroll, please comment so I can get you added. Some of you I recognized, but may not have you linked. I would like to remedy that. Again, thank you to all who played. Whether you made money or not, I hope you had a good time.


On a Thank God note, midway into the first hour of the DADI my 8 month old daughter began to choke, but Wifey and I jumped to her aid and were able to swipe what was causing the problem from her mouth. As she always does, baby was standing at the edge of the couch so she could play with her toys on the floor and on the couch. Unbeknownst to us, she had gotten a hold of an insert Wifey had torn from the magazine she was reading.

As we heard her take in one big breath and then start weezing for air, fear gripped every part of my being. I jumped up and started trying to clear it out and thankfully she coughed it up. Quite a scare. You can imagine, in that moment, I could give a fuck about a poker tournament. I'm pretty sure I went into the timebank on a hand and finally got back to fold it, so if you were in the hand where I was delayed, now you know why. All was OK in TripJaxville.


I had a feeling last night was gonna go well for me in the poker department. After I got home and pulled up the DADI tournament, I decided to play a SNG at Party. I ended up winning it. Not long after I signed into Yahoo Chat and Jordan asked me to join him in a 4 Player HU match at Stars. We ended up at seperate tables and both made it to the finals to play each other. Jordan won his first match in two hands. I think mine took about 20 hands. I ended up winning our heads up match to take the $. Couple those with the DADI final table and you could say I had decent night.


Well that will have to do it for me. Again, please comment if you were part of a bounty or if I don't have you linked. Now I'm off to read some blogs...scratch some work, then read some blogs...

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