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Wicked Game

Wicked Game

What a wicked game we play, no odds but asshats stay.
What a wicked thing to do, to be drawn out by you.
What a wicked thing to say, did you really like your play?
What a wicked thing to do, make me spill my Dew and

I don't want to lose my chips (This game is gonna break my roll).
No I don't want to lose my chips (This game is gonna break my roll).
Damn you.

I'm sorry I had to put you all through that. To make amends, I at least offer a picture of the model from the Wicked Game video. Feel better? I know I do.

Why the wicked rhyme you ask? Asshats, that's why. Asshats are invading my chipstacks and I'm none too happy about it. After using a $26 tournament token and bubbling(ish) in a large MTT at FullTilt on Sunday, I took my chances with another token and MTT last night. As we were nearing the payout spots I again found myself needing a double up in order to coast into the money and have a chance to make some good dough. If I don't double up I risk being blinded away or having to get my chips in the middle in a bad situation. Then the following hand comes up.

Hero: Raises 3 times big blind with AK
Asshat 1: Calls
Asshat 2: Calls
Flop: A K 7 rainbow
Hero: 3/4 pot bet
Asshat 1: Minimum Raises
Asshat 2: Calls minimum raise
Hero: Pushes all-in
Asshat 1: Folds
Asshat 2: Calls
Asshat 2: Shows QJ
Turn: 10 (of course)
River: Fuck the river
Asshat 2: "I knew it was coming"
Hero: Spills Mountain Dew whilst cursing Asshat 2 and his family

So let me get this straight. I raise preflop, I bet the flop, a guy raises me, and Asshat 2 not only thinks it's a good play to call the raiser, but feels compelled to put all his chips in the middle with QJ and a board showing AK. Nice play, Sir.

Well, there's always Wheaton's tournament tonight or, lest we forget the...

Donkeys Always Draw Invitational!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 9:00pm EST
PokerStars, Private Tournament
Password: blogsaregay
$10 Buy-In

Knock Out Jordan: Rename His Blog For A Week
Win The Tournament: Get Two Packs Of Copag Cards

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