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Pressure Poker

In my previous post, "Top 25," I mentioned how much I love coming across an old cd and giving it a spin again. It's a good feeling when you find an album you used to listen to all the time and can still easily remember the lyrics when you fire up the 1st track.

After writing that post, I started thinking about some of the books I've read in the past and really wanted to read again. Of course, as is usual, I thought about the poker books I have around the house collecting dust. I've read them all, but sometimes it helps to give them another read with a fresh perspective.

A few months back I was looking for the book DoubleAs wrote, Pressure Poker, that I purchased when it first came out. I remember the excitement I had when it arrived and the joy I took from reading a book written by a fellow blogger. I also remember finishing it and immediately saying to myself, "I'm going to want to read this one again someday." I never found the book and was disappointed as I figured I had lost it somewhere along the way.

This weekend as I was watching football, something caught my eye on top of our TV stand. Our TV stand is more of a utility rack than a TV stand, but it works well for our living room and our audio/video equipment (for a better picture of a rack, check here). The only problem is since it is made of metal wire, it is difficult to put any picture frames on top of it. If you haven't noticed, we are a picture taking family so we have frames everywhere. A solution to our inability to put picture frames on top of the TV stand was to stack books horizontally on top of the stand.

Well wouldn't you know it, one of the books we were using for our picture frames was Pressure Poker. I immediately let ChickJax know I had been looking for that book and promptly took it down for a quick perusal. I opened it up to a random page and this is the 1st thing I read...

The Hold'em Probability Loop
An Interesting phenomenon in Hold'em is that AK is a favorite over JT suited, which is a favorite over 22, which is a favorite over AK.

I know it is simple, but I just love that little nugget of info.

Here's the bottomline and the reason for this post. I'm now in the process of re-reading Pressure Poker and I implore anyone out there who has an interest in poker to go give this one a read. If you are a poker blogger, you should definitely have this one on your bookshelf. There will be plenty in it that you already know, just from being a poker blogger, but it is still a great read.

More importantly for me, having already read the book once, I know exactly what I will use the book for once I finish reading it again. Anytime someone who doesn't play poker finds out that I'm a poker player, they always seem to ask the same questions like, "What's it like to play poker online?," or "Is it legit?". Well, now I will give them my 2 cents, but I'll also offer to let them borrow, Pressure Poker, THE poker book that explains poker, online poker and poker blogging best. From managing your bankroll, to online poker site reviews, to hosting your own home game, this book has it all.

Please note, this was not a sponsored ad and the link to the book is not for my benefit. I got the link straight from Scott's blog, DoubleAs.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 6:36 PM, Blogger doubleas said...

Thanks for sharing your interest in the book. I'm glad that you get it. It is a collection of information rather than a step by step book that some were expecting.

I think there are some real nuggets in there that aren't very simple and easily glossed over if not read slowly. In fact, I had somebody ask me a question after reading a chapter that I answered by pointing him to a couple sentences that he had apparently read over without really thinking about it.

Hope it helps some way - props to the other blogger authors!

At 1:20 AM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

I shall reread!


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