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2007 WPBT Winter Classic 12.07.07 (Friday)

"What Time Are We Getting Up?"

Humans are not built to wake up at 3:45am. Or, at the very least, not this human. I mean it's pitch ass black outside at that time. That kind of darkness is only good for boning, cow tipping and sleeping (in that order as it just so happens). However, when the Vegas and WPBT Winter Classic alarm goes off, you skip the snooze option and get your punk ass up.
So that's what this punk ass did.

There was a chill in the air as ChickJax and I headed out the door at 4:30am en route to the airport. The brisk wind gave a taste of what we would feel in Sin City. Who knew we would forego a weekend of beautiful weather in Greensboro for windy and cold Vegas. Not what I expected, but I wasn't going to Vegas for the weather. I was going for the hookers and blow.

Wait, scratch that last sentence.


Getting up at 3:45am was the first bad beat of the trip, but it wouldn't be long before bad beat number two would rear its ugly head. Our first flight was a shorty from Greensboro to Charlotte. I can make that drive in less than 90 minutes, so you know the flight is short. Since you can't use MP3 players during taxi, take-off, preparing to land or landing, it is pretty pointless to try and use one on a flight that is a total of 25 minutes. Thus, I kept my 80G iPod stashed...or so I thought.

On the 2nd flight from Charlotte to Vegas, I knew there would be plenty of iPod time as we were flying for 4 hours and 45 minutes. Once I heard the bell announcing MP3 players were allowed, I went straight for my bag. I located my cell phone and Blackberry immediately, but my iPod was no where to be found. Usually I store my iPod in one of the zipped up sections of my bag, but since it would be one of the first things I would use on the trip, I put it in the side pocket without the zipper. Bad idea.

Looking back at the first flight, I remember feeling something hit my foot under the seat, but I thought it was my bag. Also I was trying to catch some quick Zzzz's during the short flight, so I decided not to open my eyes. Bad idea #2. Once I realized it was gone, I let the flight attendant on the 2nd flight know that I lost it on the previous flight. I also asked for their lost and found number. She told me to speak to the rep at the desk once we landed in Vegas, but she also told me my chance of getting it back was slim to none. Apparently they contract out their cleaning services between flights, so they have no control over the cleaners ganking anything and everything they come across. All that hard work down the drain. iPwned. Daddy needs an iPod Touch.

The Man That Gets Shit Done

It was fitting the first blogger ChickJax and I see as we walk into the Imperial Palace is Falstaff. Being the new and improved, svelte TripJax, it took virtually no effort for Falstaff to lift me from my feet in a massive bear hug. That's just how the loveable guy rolls. I've seen it throughout other trip reports, but it bears repeating. Falstaff is the fucking man. He doesn't have to plan shit for us. No one does. But he does and that deserves some kudos. So thank you good sir. I wasn't able to buy you a drink in Vegas, but I'll be bringing you something tasty at your next home game. Speaking of, I'm pretty sure it was at Falstaff's house where I met my first poker bloggers, BadBlood being the very first blogger I ever met at Falstaff's front door.

Speaking of meeting new people, ChickJax and I met a ton of bloggers on the first day and I just don't have it in me to link everyone we met. Just know it was an incredible experience meeting so many new people or seeing familiar faces again. I'll link folks when I can, but you know how that goes. Just wanted to throw that out lets keep on keepin' on...

"I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Sponge"

Eventually ChickJax and I took a stroll throughout the shops at Caesars with Instant Torture. That's when the unfortunate meet up with SpongeBob occurred. The most terarded thing about the following picture is not that I'm about to smoke SpongeBob's pole. It's that I did not secure any prop bet mobneys from willing bloggers prior to doing so.

SpongeBob says...
"It's not just the picture that embiggens if you click through."

Keno And Slots Bitches!

I have something rather embaressing to admit. Some of the best bloggery poker action was going on Friday night at the mixed game tables...and I didn't play a single hand of poker the whole day. When we got to the Imperial Palace, ChickJax and I were riding high on the Vegas buzz. We caught a quick bite to eat and then headed straight see.....the thing is.....we went straight to the video keno machines.

Flashback many years ago when ChickJax and I were dating. We were visiting my bro, ChapelncHill, at an entertainment park he managed and they happened to have some slots. For whatever reason, we decided to each put some cash in the machine and play some keno, a game neither of us had ever heard of before. A few hours later we were both walking out of the place like rockstars, turning our $20 into over $500.

So of course it made sense for out first shared gambling since then be Keno. And blogdamnit we had a great time! I stuffed $40 in that machine and when it was all said and done, we cashed out $40.25. Officially in the green on the trip (yeah, please don't mention the iPod right about now).

Soon after we were mindlessly punching buttons at the regular slot machines and having a great time in the process. The idea of someone offering free drinks while I'm playing a $.25 slot machine is mind boggling to me, but I love it. I kept the beers flowing and before we knew it, we were up nearly a couple hundo on the night. In fact, I told ChickJax we should go ahead and earmark our winnings from Day 1 towards a couple of the items she saw while window shopping at Caesars earlier in the day (the shopping happened at or around the SpongeBob incident).

It wasn't too long before 11:00pm slapped us in the face. Vegas is just getting started at 11:00pm, but at that point it had been a very long day. It felt like 2:00am for us and we were creeping towards being up for 24 straight hours. It definitely showed in my eyes and my swagger (or lack thereof). We were both beat and decided to call it a night.

I had seen some good old friends and met many new ones throughout the day. An awesome day indeed. When I look back on the day, however, it was ChickJax who was probably overwhelmed with a TON of new folks to meet. And I must say, she took it all in stride, with a warm welcome and huge smile each time I made another introduction. She really was a trooper throughout the weekend. She was excited as I to finally put faces to names of people I'm constantly talking about. Thanks babe!

I'm forgetting some things that I will need to look back on, but for now I'm running out of steam.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.


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At 11:59 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The thing is with what expertise you did it.

It was so great to be able to spend time with you and your wonderful wife.

Okie-Vegas 08?


At 1:12 PM, Blogger katitude said...

Again, wish we could have hung out more, but what can ya do?

Keith left his iPod on the plane coming in too...but on the bright side, I now know what to get him for Christmas *grin.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger John G. Hartness said...

And in what looks to be a theme -

"Hmm...did something hit my foot?"

"Hmm...I don't think so. Get me off this plane, I wanna go home."

Days pass...

"Hey where's my iPod? I know I had it on the plane home...fuck me."

Will work for newPod.


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