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Dual Monitors

I finally have dual monitors in my office. It was more like duel
monitors at first as they were not playing nice with each other. I
thankfully figured it out without the need for a picnic* with tech

Now I just wish I could play some poker at work! I'll just have to
dream, 'cause I would NOT be terarded enough to try that.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

*Problem In Chair Not In Computer

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Dick In A Box

Halloween party tonight and I'm quite ready. If you dont know what I'm
dressed as...

1 ~ Get with it.
2 ~ Google Justin Timberlake Dick In A Box Saturday Night Live


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Shame Shame I Know My Name

Holy crap I suck.  I've wanted to post every single day this week and have failed miserably.  I even played some poker a couple of times, in hopes I'd have some content to speak of, but alas my game is lame to quite lame.  All I can say is Matrix Fail.  I've tried the new Full Tilt matrix sng's and skanked it up both times.  The first time I was headed for some decent money and some how fonked my way completely out of any money at all.  The second time I just straight up played like ass.  Like my oft high (on poker) broseph, I have shamed myself and my family.


I owe the folks over at pokerlistings a write up, but I haven't had time to go through their site enough to give them their just dues.  I'll get to that soon.


All you sci-fi geeks might recognize the well known author, Orson Scott Card.  He grew up and still lives here in Greensboro, NC.  He writes for a free local paper and recently wrote this political piece, which I think is worth a read.

I also think this short blog post is worth a read and should be linked as much as possible.

That is all.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Mountain Poker

Went to a cabin in the mountains this weekend with some friends and managed to actually play some poker.  We primarily played spades, but once that was over, a few of us whipped out some chips and played.  It was nice playing some live poker, but it definitely was not enough to quench the thirst.  I'll be ready to get back at it soon.

We only had 3 people playing, so it was short-handed from the get go.  I ended up losing heads-up when I was called on the river for a sizeable pot with Q high.  I had missed my draw and only had T high, but it was still a pretty sick call for my buddy to make.  I gave him a hard time for a moment, asking him how on earth he could call my bet, and he simply answered, "I'm drunk dude...very drunk."  That pretty much summed it up for us both.  We both made crazy moves in the game and his crazy moves were bettter than mine.

I was actually glad he made some money as he hadn't played in years and really need some motivation to start playing again.  I hope that was enough of a spark to get him wanting to play again next time I see him.  The next morning his wife said to him, "so you didn't lose to Trip."  His reply was, "no honey, I won to Trip." 

It's funny about us poker players when we're around friends and folks who don't play often or ever.  They immediately assume when we play we will win...especially against them.  I am forever reminding them that luck has a ton to do with it in the short run.  That and I'm not very good in the first place.  It was nice my buddy and his wife to see that this game is not always decided before the cards hit the felt.  This weekend was one of the few times I was happy to lose a poker game.  Weird how that works sometimes.

Time is money...and I have I've got to bounce.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.   

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Tron Solo

Well I'm sitting here at the bar waiting on my to go order and soaking in a therapeutic Guinness.  I swear I don't care what mood I'm in, when I take that first sip of a Guinness, my mood changes.  It's magic...and it's not just for midgets anymore.

Moving on...

I figured out what has been sorely missing from my life of late.

Live Poker.

I'm not even talking about casino poker or serious tournaments.  Just some monkey poker with my friends for some fun.  Cheap ass poker at that.  I'm putting my boy TronSolo on notice that it is time to get some games going.  He will immediately say, "fuck you, you are the poker guy...make it happen."  So I'm really putting him on notice that I'm putting myself on notice.  There...take that me.

Speaking of Tron's and Solo's, I guess this is as good a time as any to out a guy who just started blogging (see link above).  He took a trip all over the fucking place by himself recently and is now blogging the experience.  It won't take long to go start from the beginning and check out his experience.  Good stuff, no doubt.  I hope he raged solo at least once.  I'll have to explain that one to him probably.

Moving further on...

After traveling all last week, I plan to make the rest of this week chill.  Tonight will be some WSOP action on the tubular, then some Mookie tomorrow night.  I haven't made many Mookie's these days, but I plan to make tomorrow night happen.  I wish we could move that bad boy to 9:00pm or 9:30pm EST to avoid the late, late nights.  Yes, I'm an optimist AND a pussy.  I feel like I can go deep (that's what she said), but I don't want to stay up to do it.

That's a problem.

A problem I won't be extrapolating on since my to go order just arrived.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Happy Anniversary ChickJax

Here was a quick pre-dinner photo before stuffing our grills with
mucho food at The Melting Pot. Happy nine years my dear.


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Frosty Beerverages & Ghey Ass Bar Poker

I've been travelling on business since Sunday without my laptop, so posts are few and far between - or make that not at all until today.  I'll have to keep today's post ultra short and sweet.  Just a couple of quick thoughts before I get back to the craziness that is the financial markets.

It hurt not making it to The Bash this year.  My wedding anniversary is this Friday and the travel cash is going to that instead of my drunken pokery shenanigans.  It was the right thing to do.  Also, like I mentioned above, I had business travel already in the hopper that made it hard to get things done.  Hopefully I'll make the December gathering.

It blows my mind that we are working on a 700 billion dollar bail out plan and on Monday, investors like you and I, lost a combined 1.3 trillion dollars.  That's staggering.

On Monday night I ended up in a bar to watch Monday Night Football and have some frosty beerverages.  I played a ghey ass poker game with other folks in the bar using those old ass NTS trivia game systems.  Now I've never been too much of a tin foil hat wearin', WTF this friggin' game is totally rigged kinda guy, but heyzeus chreesto, I've never seen such tardtastic cards hit the river in my entire life.  Had it been real money, I would be destitute by now.  Check that...I would be MORE destitute by now.  After a while, it got so crazy I was going to take pictures of all the mad ass bad ass beats, but it was too dark for my camera phone to work.


Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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