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You Got To Safe Your Brain, Ninja

When you're running bad at the tables, it's best not to focus on your own play and/or shortcomings on the felt. Instead, find something totally random to lay the blame on. Take my advice, it is much better for your game than going through hand histories trying to find that time you value called your nuts.

With the above duly noted, allow me to explain why I've been running bad lately and how I plan to fix'er up. It's quite simple you see. I haven't been wearing my trusty tin foil hat. There is no other plausible explanation for my rough streak. I've been foiled by the foil (or lack thereof).

There were times when I should have known better, but even then I went for the cheap stuff, instead of going for the foil. Well folks, lesson learned. I'm going straight up foil from here on out.

As a result, and just in time for the Battle Of The Blogger Tournaments, I will be donning The Dapper while playing from now on.

For my fellow blogthren who, at times, have also been running bad of late, I offer the following...

Jordan gets The Kosher.
GCox gets The Chaplin (A Classic Bowler...pun intended).
Drizz gets The Kutcher.
And the king of the tin foil hat, On_THG, gets The Fez, 'cause it looks fit for a King.

I ganked all those pics from this site, so head on over there for some good time happy fun of your own.

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At 2:09 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Can you throw some sequins in there for me?


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