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Udon Wannit Multi-Accounting? &

I haven't had much to write about lately, but don't expect this to be one of those bummed out posts about lack of poker or blog content. It is what it is and that's all I'll say about that. About the closest I've been to poker of late was pulling out most of my FullTilt bankroll, which would be better used to pay some bills instead of sitting there gathering dust.

I also took a little time to read this post by Otis over at the PokerStarsBlog. Reading that post prompted me to watch this video on I gotta tell you I was pretty impressed with the whole set up. Maybe this has been around for a while, but it was the first time I had really watched it closely. The fact they are showing online poker very close to the way you can see it on mainstream tv is pretty impressive; all the way down to the odds/percentages of hand-to-hand play.

I decided to do a little sleuthing of a few of the final players at the table and found some pretty juicy nuggets of onrine intertube controversy focusing on multi-accounting. Specifically, the second place finisher, Udon Wannit, had barely played any poker over $15, yet managed to finish in 2nd place. Now this wouldn't really be a big deal as any fonk can score huge in a live or online tourney; however, some folks made a big deal of it because he/she did not satellite into the event and, after having just played very small stakes, suddenly started playing many of the large events during the 2009 WCOOP. After the WCOOP was over he went from $3600+/- to $1.3mm. Not too shabby.

Now I'm not hear to judge and haven't read enough to really have much of a say, but I was wondering if anyone else had read about this and either knew more details or just had an opinion they wanted to throw out there. I don't have time to go through tons of pages to get the fully scoop. So readers, watchagot?

Until next time, may the felt be with you, as long as you aren't a multi-accounter...

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Who's Got Two Thumbs And Is Going To TWO NCAAF Games Tomorrow?

This guy!

Yes that would be me, the headless terard, in the above pic. ChickJax was wondering why the hell I was asking her to take the above picture of me, so hopefully this clears it up for her. I'm an idiot.

Looks like I'm headed to the UNC game at 12pm, then the NC State game at 6pm, with a little tailgating before each. It's gonna be a loooooong day with several adult beerverages I'm sure. Really looking forward to it.

This is my first attempt at posting to Blogger from the BlogPress iPhone app, so I hope it works out. I got tired of waiting on the free Lite version to show up, and they dropped the price of the paid version to $.99, so I pounced on it.

Until Next Time, May The Felt Be With You

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TMZ Talks Poker: Face The Hate

I guess it's been a slow day for celeb news over at TMZ as they actually took the time to post a poker news story today (see below or click here). Apparently some dude is suing NBC for 85 meellion dollars, claiming he came up with the idea for Face The Ace several years before it hit the tubes.

He might have a case, but I think the amount he's seeking might be a tad much. That show's not worth a dime over 80 meellion dollars. Actually, based on the ratings noted below, it might not be worth 85 dollars.

Begin TMZ article...

NBC Takes Gutshot Over Poker Show

A poker show on NBC that actually did worse in the ratings than a re-run of "Finding Nemo" is the subject of a ridiculous $85,000,000 lawsuit -- which is about a mil for each person that watched it.

A guy named Brandon McSmith claims he came up with the idea for a show where wannabe poker players compete against pros (who were hidden behind
doors) for a chance to win a seat at the World Series of Poker.

Smith claims he pitched the idea to a company called Poker Productions -- but they rejected it.

Fast forward two years -- a show called "
Face the Ace" popped up on NBC where contestants "select a pro from behind four smoked-glass doors." And guess who created it? Poker Productions!

The grand prize on the NBC show -- a cool mil.

Even though the show is so awful it has been relegated to Saturday afternoons, McSmith wants $85,000,000 in damages.

Read more:

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Poker Blogging Via BlogPress Lite iPhone App About To Make My Life Easier

For my fellow blog readers who have an iPhone, be sure to check out the below article from Buzz Blogger, regarding their free and soon to be available iPhone App. BlogPress has been around for a while and is an app that makes it easy to post on the fly from your iPhone. When it first came out it wasn't really ready for what I was looking for - it didn't have image posting or categories/labels - so I chose to pass on it. I ultimately forgot all about it until I recently saw the below post about the upcoming BlogPressLite. While the previous version allows you to post to a decent list of top blog sites, at a cost of $2.99, the new app will only post to Blogger, but will be free. Quite frankly I should have bit the bullet a while back and paid the $2.99, but since I had forgotten about it until now and the free version will be available very soon, I'm just going to sit tight.

Hope other iPwners find this helpful.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

Begin Google article now...


There's an app for that!:

We're very happy to announce today that Blogger now has a home on the iPhone. The team behind BlogPress (a popular app already available in the iPhone App Store) decided to build a free version of BlogPress just for Blogger users to celebrate Blogger's 10th birthday. BlogPress Lite packs many of the great Blogger features you have come to know into a simple yet powerful mobile application for blogging on the go.

Rich-text WYSIWYG editing, image uploads, labels, configurable settings, and auto-save are among the many features that are part of BlogPress Lite, as well as a handful of other optimizations for the iPhone experience. Landscape editing mode is supported and will feel very familiar for iPhone users, and blog posts are automatically saved when you have an incoming call—you won't have to ever worry about losing a post.

We're grateful to the team at InfoThinker for adding to the birthday 'party.' The app has been submitted to the App Store and should be available shortly. (We'll update this post when we see it.)

This is one of many features announced as part of Blogger's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday!


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Fun With Pause And Phil Hellmuth

As many of my readers know, I've been known to give Mr. Phil Hellmuth a hard time in the past, so when his fug mug showed up in the latest 2009 ESPN World Series of Poker episode, I had take notice. First off, he decided it was high time to make an ultimate anus of himself (again) by playing the part of Caesar, hoisted into the poker room...

(picture source PokerListings)

You see, that's exactly what he wants. Good or bad, publicity is what he craves. I get it, I really do; however, I don't have to like it. He's figured out what makes money, but it comes at a price; a price where d-bags like me give him a hard time. It's a fair trade for the paychecks he cashes regularly.

With that I offer you Phil Hellmuth Paused. These pictures are not altered by photoshop or any other program. In fact, they are just paused screenshots of my HDTV taken from my iPhone camera. All I did was change the angle of the shots.

Let's start with what peaked my interest in the first place. Seriously, what's up with the lip sheen?

Need a better shot of that lip juice? Well, okay...

What the WTF? I have no doubt in that picture he is wearing a Got Fail? t-shirt. Speaking of, I now need to go make a Got Fail? t-shirt.

So back to that picture: Did he just hike to the WSOP in sub zero weather, thus needing a lip glaze to Safe The Chafe? Oh wait, no, he was CARRIED into the poker room.

So, with all the above noted, what's a poker blogger to do when making fun of a poker "celebrity" and his shiny lips? Well, alter the angle of course! How about camera up, angle down?

Look at that noggin'. You'd think that dude has won the Noble Prize 11 times right?!

Or how about camera down, angle up?

I didn't know Hellmuth played in the NFL. Nice!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I'm kind of bummed I haven't gotten a cease and desist order from Hellmuth's attorney yet. Oh wait, I haven't hit send yet.

Peace fawkers.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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