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Avenge Me, Avenge Me!

It's funny how the time you decide to post can totally change what is written. As an example, I played some live poker last night and, when I got home a tad drunk, was ready to post about my tough times at the table. Instead, I decided to jump into bed and watch a DVD, thus pushing the post entry to today. Now I'm posting with a totally different mindset and think I'm better off for it. As for the DVD, it was a choice between Red Dawn or Donnie Darko. I ended up going with Red Dawn, a movie I loved as a kid, but had not seen in years. My wife bought it for me for Christmas which was cool. I was actually a little apprehensive to watch it fearing that - now being an adult - I would find way too many flaws that I would not have picked up as a child. I'm happy to report that - though it was not the same as when watching as a kid - I still enjoyed the movie for what it is...a good vs. bad war movie where your average teenagers are forced to make decisions they never thought possible.

The title of my post is from the movie and it just seemed to fit after getting spanked at the tables last night. The quote comes when the main characters of the movie, two brothers played by Patrick Swayze & Charlie Sheen, are visiting there dad who is being held by the russians in a camp. As the brothers are walking away from the gates, their dad yells to them, "Avenge Me, Aveeennngggee Meeeeeee!" As I lay in bed watching that part, I thought back to when I was leaving the restaurant a few hours earlier after being knocked out. I totally should have yelled that out to the remaining few players who knew me. That would have been good stuff.

I'll give a few details from the tournament that were interesting (to me). Starting with 5 full tables for a total of 50 players, our table got started promptly at 9pm. On the second hand at our table, I get pocket red eights. When the flop brought one over card - a king - I put a feeler bet out there and got one caller, the big blind (this was after he had checked it to me). On the turn - a card lower than 8 -my hole cards looked even better now having a straight draw and a flush draw to boot. I still didn't put the big blind on a king so I decided to put him to the test by pushing all in. I don't usually like to be that risky so early, but I just felt good about my chances...even if he called with a better hand at that point. He went into the think tank, making me count out my all-in bet, and then decided to make the call. Amazingly, he had called my bet with a pair of black fours in the hole. The river brought nothing for him and he was down to 1 chip...a $100 black chip...while I had doubled up and was probably the tournament leader at that point, though it was very early. Turns out, unlike the typical freeroll, this tournament was slow going with no one going out in the first 40 minutes. Even the guy that I nailed early on had doubled up a few times and was near $1000 in chips again (starting stack was $1200).

Over the next 30 minutes, I got into 2 big hands and had the same card bring my demise each time. On the first hand, I held KJ offsuit when the flop brought J high rainbow. I bet big and got one caller...the dude I had hurt earlier on the second hand. The turn brought a King spade giving me 2 pair. I pushed my remaining stack hoping to push him off his hand if he woke up with spades in the hole, thus opening up some outs for him, but making it a tough call for him. Unfortunately, this guy was the gambling type and pushed what he had left on a complete draw, flipping over two low that point I think he was 6 high. Magically, for him, the 10 of spades hit the river giving him the hand. That hand took about 3/4 of my stack and put him ahead of me...that stung knowing he had been down to 1 chip earlier. I asked him to keep one chip to the side to remind him where he was just a few minutes earlier. He laughed, but didn't oblige.

Just a few minutes later I got all-in with another guy when I hit top set on a rainbow flop. Again, I had a guy call with middle pair and two spades in the hole...I think he had 9 2 spades. The turn brought another spade putting 2 on the board and I started to think back to the previous hand where I got spanked by the 10 of spades. Just as I was dong this, the dealer flipped over the river bringing...yep...the 10 of spades. All I could do was smile as I stood up and wished everyone luck. Having some nice success in the 2 previous tourneys, I resolved that it was just part of this crazy game we call poker.

Moving on...

Having the day off for President's Day, I've had a little extra time to read some other blogs as well as work on my site. I've added some new links to my blogroll and, if you hadn't noticed, set up my links to show when they have an update within the last 24 hours. So I got that going for me. I think that'll do it for me for now. I gotta go look for some good deposit bonuses cause it's time to reload my Party, Empire, and Stars accounts. It's been a long time, but I've been playing on low rolls that were free from the sites, so I've had no motivation to work on growing my roll since it wasn't money I put into it. Now I'm ready to put some effort into my play. My live play has been much, much better than my online play, but I'm ready to narrow the gap. See you at the tables. Hopefully I won't have to be screaming out Avenge Me, Avenge Me! anytime soon...

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