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Decided not to go out with the boys tonight so the wife and I could watch a movie and spend quality time. Unfortunately, we both passed out on the couch with nary a dvd near the player. Oh well. But unlike me lady, I awoke around 11pm and couldn't find my way back into la la land so, of course, I decided to jump on the tables. Played a $5 SNG and finished 7th. Played a $20 SNG and finished 8th when my 10's in the hole went up against 9's in the hole and he spanked me with a 9 on the flop. Moving up to a $20 game was a stupid move, but I needed to test my game. I felt like I was not putting enough effort in the $5 games and I wanted to see what I have in me. Unfortunately what I have in me is a smaller roll now. Not ready to call it quits, I left my Party roll to heal and moved over to Stars. I still had some money from my deposit for the WPBT and decided it was time to use it. I've been trying to hold off and use the remainder for the next WPBT, but alas my game as gotten the best of me.

Again, I wish I had just left well enough alone. Instead I played some heads up games and gave myself high hopes when I won my first one. I then stepped it up a notch roll wise and promptly lost everything I had won. Now both my rolls are hurting for my actions tonight. Hell I could have lost $40 in a much more enjoyable fashion with my buddies at the bar. Again, oh well.

On a lighter note, I've been having some fun with this sitemeter thing (it's the little colorful icon at the bottom of this page). One of the neat tricks it can do is let me know the prior page someone was on when they came to my site. Some of my traffic comes from fellow bloggers who have been kind enough to link me (thanks
Iggy, Mean Gene, Sound Of A Suckout, Greensboro Is Talking), but a lot of my traffic is from the Next Blog link at the top of most blogs. I feel compelled to share a few of my referrals that gave me a chuckle... I guess you might call this a bit naive, but I didn't realize there were folks out there using blogger to relay porn to the masses. When I saw this referral on my sitemeter list, I felt compelled to see what it was all about (wink wink). Turns out, there are truly some beautiful, beatiful women on this page. I didn't stick around that one long cause I don't need that problem with the wife. She'd laugh, but still, no need to push it. If you're looking for capital knockers though, give that blog a gander. At first glance you would think this blog is by someone with a foot fetish, but nope, it's just a french girl who likes shoes. Nothing too exciting on this one, but the first impression certainly got me thinking, especially after the whole boobboob thing above. Couldn't find the corrolation to ice cream, but I didn't give it enough time to figure it out. O.K. I think this has been my best referral so far. I mean, what the heck is going on here people? I wonder what that person was thinking when they went from a herpes blog to one that has an ass at the top with Poker In Arrears as the title. One thing that really threw me off was this blog uses the same template as the Quiet Lion. Hope that's the only similarity they share. This referral I can't figure out. I can't find a link to me anywhere on his site so I guess it's just coincidence that someone was using the Next Blog feature and went from one poker blog to another. Unless there is some other obvious reason that I'm not thinking about, which I wouldn't put past me. Either way, I enjoyed reading this guys blog and I really like his tag line. FORGET ABOUT A CHIP AND A CHAIR, GIVE ME A HAND AND I'LL STAND. I don't know if he made that up or got it from someon else, but I like it. I think I'll link him up to my blogroll next time I update my list.

Allow me to end with a question...hopefully I will get an answer via comment from someone...

Does my picture at the top prevent some of you from visiting my site while at work? Just wanted to throw that one out there and see if I get a response. I'd hate to lose readers due to a little skin, but I understand if that is the case. And if someone saw you on my site at work, it probably doesn't help much if you say, "It's not a skin site, it's about poker." Yep, that's even better...reading about poker on the clock...that'll impress the boss (which I do). I think I just answered my own question.

It's almost 2:00 a.m. and I have no good reason to be awake, so I'm out of here. Gonna play another restaurant tournament tomorrow so I'll report back after that. I have Monday off so someway, somehow, I'll be at the tables...I'm guessing online style, but we'll see. If there is anyone reading who has me linked that I did not mention above, please let me know so I can give you props.

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