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Guess I'm The Guy You Want To Bubble Eh?

Guess I'm The Guy You Want To Bubble Eh?

I don't want to write much these days cause I don't want to alter the way things have been going at the tables. Damn I hope that didn't count as writing about it. Better leave it at nuff said.

I'm currently reading Moneymaker's book (see link under At The Moment) and I've been enjoying it. I'm less than half way through it and so far impressed. This guy was all kinds of fugged up before he started this tourney. Makes me feel that much better about my poker playing after reading the sad state of affairs he put himself in. I'll do a full review once I'm done.

I'm still very much enjoying the SNG Challenge and have updated my numbers tonight for anyone interested (SNG link above). I only played one SNG tonight, but I maximized my profit by winning it. In a 6 max NL SNG with top 2 paying I was the short stack with 3 left. The other 2 were just about even. I jokingly typed, "Guess I'm the guy you two want to bubble eh?" No response. Not long after those two got into a battle of a hand and the slightly lower stack ended up losing kicker style. I thanked the winner of the hand and then proceeded to climb the mountain that was his chipstack. It was 7500 him, 1500 me. Somehow, after about 7 straight All-Ins where he folded, I finally got him to call my All-In with an inferior hand. I think I had A Q and he had A 9. After doubling up I immediately went all in again with 6 6 and again doubled up when he called with Q 9 and didn't improve. Just like that I was ahead of him and had the momentum. Only a few hands later I picked up 9 9 and - after he made a hefty raise - I pushed my stack in. He called with 2 2 and didn't improve allowing me to steal that one. From short stack near the bubble to taking it down. Was a good feeling, no doubt.

Gonna end this swiftly, but just a few more items of note...GaryC was gracious enough to play in the 6 max SNG and - like the true challenger he is - busted when his hammer attempt missed its mark. I was away from the table at the time, tending to our 3 month old yacking up, but I was proud to hear the attempt was made when I returned. Soon enough the hammer will break bad on some candy asses. And Jordan, I promise I'm not avoiding you at the SNG tables. The last few times we've attempted to play at the same table it hasn't worked. Will happen soon enough though I'm sure. Still, your swift comments at our tables somehow make the donkeys want to call us even more often so keep it up. And tell fiance Kim I said fushizzle.

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