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The Man Behind The Mouse

The Man Behind The Mouse

I was reading Kipper's most recent post where he "revealed" the person behind the cards and I figured that would be something I should do. I've dropped pictures on this site on occasion, but never anything formal. My wife recently asked why I had never put a pic of her up, yet I would put up pics of half-nekked models and such. I told her the internet isn't exactly where you go flashing your life story without a little thought behind it. When put that way she definitely understood. At the same time, I think it would be nice to give those folks who take an interest in reading this here blog a chance to see the man, woman, boy, and baby girl behind the avatar. We can't all hide behind the guise of midgetry and all its tiny goodness. Erm, I'm pretty sure midgetry is not a word, but you get the idea.

So, without further delay, I offer JayNatJax, Nat&Jax, and Lily. Now I should first explain that the first two pics are a couple years old, but we're lazy and haven't scanned any pics in ages. Definitely something we need to do. Jax is now 4 years old so he obviously looks nothing like the the baby in those pics. I had to go with the few pics I had on my computer so this is what you get. I actually posted a pic with Jax in it a few months ago that a lady took of us at a baseball game this season. Lily is now 3 months old, but she already looks entirely different from her first couple of days when that pic was taken. She actually looks almost exactly like Jax did as a baby, with a few minor differences. Finally, as for my wife, she is the absolute shit. Nuff said.

On the poker front, I've been playing very few SNG's, but continued a decent trend when I have played. Last night I played one 6 max NL SNG along with DNasty and Jordan. I think DNasty ended up being taken out by Jordan and - as if it was meant to be - I got heads up with Jordan. A few hands in we got into a huge hand where he had something like 2 pair or a straight, but I had hit my flush on the flop for the win. That pretty much gave me 90% of the chips and I was able to stave off defeat when I outkicked him on the final hand. Good times were had, no doubt. That's it for me, for now...

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