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SNG Challenged

SNG Challenged

I had planned on one of those funny posts where I compared my 2nd place finish in the SNG Challenge to being in line with John Oates, Art Garfunkel, Jim Messina, Dan Marino, etc. An always runner-up type of post. Unfortunately I forgot to lock up 2nd place and, when it was all said and done, finished in 3rd behind a hard charging Kipper.

I was in 2nd so long I really felt like I had it. For the most part, I had already given up trying for 1st because GaryC was doing so well and it didn't look like he was going to relinquish his spot. Then it happened. As the Challenge was nearing its end, I found out that G was down to $190ish and I was only about $30 away at $159. Something clicked in my head and I said to hell with 2nd place and tried to make a run. That would prove to be my demise. I tanked my last 3 SNG's and - more importantly - failed to cash in my only attempt at a $10 SNG. This failed attempt ended up being the difference since I finished at $137 and Kipper ended around $146.

When I hit $137 I decided to call it a day and figured my destiny was now in Kipper's hands. If he played well, he deserved to take 2nd place. If he struggled on the last day, my "slow and steady wins the race" approach would prove successful. I had a feeling Kipper would make a strong run on the last day and he did just that. Congrats Kip! With a $137 finish and a fee of $25 for 3rd place, I officially ended by basically doubling my buy-in of $55 to $112. Not too shabby.

And lest we forget the man who absolutely tore it up. GaryC took $55 and turned it into $200+ in about a month. That's damn impressive. I enjoyed playing with all the challengers and hope we can do it again soon. I must say - as I have before - I play much better when I've got something to challenge my game. That was a big plus for me in this instance and I believe it will play out again in the Heads-Up Challenge. Unfortunately, for everyone else, this time the winners will be taking money from the other Challengers directly. I look forward to taking your money. Thanks Jordan for putting together the SNG Challenge as well as the Heads-Up Challenge. You are officially the man.

On a positive note, I played 3 home games last night at a friends house and ended up winning the first one. So I basically won enough money to pay off my $25 SNG Challenge fee. So I got that going for me. In the 2nd game, I was killing it again, but took a huge hit when my rockets were all-in against pocket 9's and a 9 hit on the river. That took me from huge chipleader heads-up to an eventual bubble place with no cash. On the 3rd game we played Omaha and I just couldn't get anything to go my way. All in all it was a fun time which is most important, erm, after winning the money...

And for the record...Try Again...Never Give Up In Disgrace...

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