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This Post Is So 2005

This Post Is Soooo 2005

What the 2006 is going on in here? Wasn't the millennium scare a couple of months ago? Sheesh...time flies. The dawn of the new year brings with it my 3rd year of blogging. Not to say I've been blogging for 36 months, but just that I started writing in 2004 and have almost made it to 2006. That is quite an accomplishment for me. I've been known to leave a few hobbies in beached whale status, but somehow poker and blogging have stuck.

I believe the only reason I've made it this far is the support of fellow bloggers and knowing that people actually read this drivel. Early on I truly thought I was the only person reading what I wrote - and probably was the first month or so - but eventually I started to see some hits on the site which I must admit was pretty exciting. Fast forward to the brink of 2006 and I'm very positive about where this blog is headed. I don't have a covert mission or a plan for each day when I click on the blogger link, but I pump out whatever is on my mind and see what happens. Sometimes it's drivel and sometimes it strikes a chord. I hope for more of the same in 2006.

So, a big thank you to everyone who took a moment in 2005 to check out this here blog. I truly am humbled by the community and the readers and can't wait for a WPBT event that I can actually make so I can get to know everyone even better. To finish off 2005, I want to give a huge thank you to GCox and Jordan who know doubt made blogging much more fun for me and most definitely linked me more than anyone else in 2005. GCox wins the award for sure...whatever that award might be. Thanks Doc!


Have you seen this? Friggin' genius.

Have you seen this? Friggin' idiot.


Watched SinCity last night (note the picture above). Pretty bad ass movie. I wasn't too interested in seeing it when it was in the Theatre as comic books aren't really my bag, but a buddy of mine brought it over last night and I was pleasantly surprised. For those of you who are big fans of hot women, this movie has got its fair share. Definitely worth a viewing if you haven't checked it out yet.


Sorry for the lack of pokery goodness in this post. I plan to play a few MTT's this weekend so hopefully I can ring in 2006 with some good news. Also, look for a Poker Sites Take Notice early next week as well as an update post on sending bloggers to the 2006 WSoP event(s). Finally, we should have a set time for the next DADI event soon. It will be PL Omaha 8OB.

Happy New Year all. Later 2005! What up 2006?!

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