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Rake This Biotch

Rake This Biotch

I've been thinking about what my next bonus chase would be to fit between my SNG and MTT play and was actually leaning towards trying something new. Call it a gift that could keep on giving if you will. I'm talking about the NO RAKE action occurring over at the World Poker Exchange. I've seen a few brogs mention this pretty amazing offer they have running, but I'm wondering if anyone has signed up and can give any commentary regarding the site, the games in general, and the rakeback process. As I'm to understand, they take the rake up fron then reimburse it back to your account each week, but I'm just wondering if everything is kosher. Comment if you've got any scoop.

Also, I did a little research on any bonuses that might be out there and noticed Poker Listings has a bonus code for the World Poker Exchange. So let me get this straight...not only are they giving the players 100% rakeback, but they are also offering bonus codes where you receive 20% for signing up. On top of that they are giving Poker Listings something (not sure if it is a percentage of rakeback or a one time payment per sign-up). Talk about a serious loss leader. I have a feeling those bonus codes may go bye-bye soon as they were probably created before this fushizzle NO RAKE idea came into play.

Dutch Boyd must be squirming in his straight jacket after seeing this NO RAKE news from World Poker Exchange. He's been trying to work out a rakefree site for years and a gambling site with very deep pockets comes around and says, "Rake This Biotch." Of course there is always room for competition, but why do I get the feeling Dutch's business plan might not pan out?!

I need to announce one minor change regarding DADI 5. Originally we noted that the winner would receive naming rights to the May 2nd WWdn, however that privilege will actually go to whoever manages to knock out Wil. Considering he managed to finish 2nd in his first attempt at the DADI (version 3.0) he may be naming his own tournament. We'll see. All other info remains the same and the winner will still receive a free entry into the WWdn Tournament Of Champions.

I look forward to seeing any and all regular WWdn readers and players at DADI 5.

With the plethora of poker shows on TV now, I was wondering what you guys and gals are watching these days. Yes they show the WSoP footage ad nauseam, but it seems like there are some other shows cropping up these days. I've seen Full Tilt and Ultimate Tournaments as well as more PokerSuperstars footage. Like most broggers, I really like the High Stakes Poker series on the Game Show Channel too. I know some folks don't get that channel, so when you can, catch some clips onrine. I believe Waffles found some clips the other day though I have not seen them.

I taped a Speed Tournament last night, but have yet to watch it. I'll let you all know if it was craptastic or not. Other than that, I'm checking out pretty much any show I notice coming on that involves poker, but just because it involves poker does not make it a good production. Anyways, just wondering if there is anything I should be looking for coming up or already out that I can check on.

I would have gotten this post up earlier, but I just had a wholesaler take me and a few other guys out to Red Lobster. He insisted we all get the Ultimate Feast with Lobster and Crab and all kinds of other shit. It was good stuff, but I can barely type I'm so full. Therefore, I must end this post, but thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who commented yesterday. I appreciate it. TripBaby is rockin' still.

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At 3:50 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Rake-free? I smell a bot-farm...


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